Self-Defence Moves


Am I strong enough to save myself if someone practically attacks me? It’s a question most of us have in our mind. Gone are the days where such situations could be resolved through non-violence, unfortunately violence is the only option we have to defend ourselves in crises. Thankfully, there is something called as ‘SELF-DEFENCE’ that can help us get through regardless of our size, strength and ability. Here’s how you can prepare to fight such situation bravely.

  1. Prevention is better than cure

First, remember that prevention is always better than cure. The attacker is just waiting for vulnerable targets. You as an aware citizen should follow general safety tips like knowing about the place well before hand, looking for the time and area when it’s dark, keeping your eyes and ears wide open to suspect any wrong. If you suspect something is really wrong around you, alert yourself and someone through a phone call so that they can send a help to you.

  1. Resolve smartly

If it happens so you’re confronted by the attacker and there does not seem a way out, don’t act like a movie actor and ignite the fight instead it’s better to defuse the situation by just getting away by handing your wallet, money or jewellery to the person. It’s better than getting into a fight. Nothing you own is worth more than your life. 

  1. Use the power of your voice

As soon as the attacker touches you can there’s no way you can escape then shout loudly help or back off, this can let the attacker know that you’re not an easy prey and by then  may be someone could approach you with help. It may not dissuade all the attackers but at least distract them for a while from you.

  1. Hit the point

When the attacker approaches you, you have hardly few seconds to react. Be quick in your thoughts and actions. Before the attacker gets a control over you, you must try everything with full of your energy to inflict injury to the attacker and run away. If it’s still hard to run away aim the sensitive body parts that can give maximum damage

  • You can poke the eyes or scratch their face with your nails which will temporally interfere with their vision.
  • You can punch or strike up under his nose and damage his nasal bone. You can even finger his nose, I know its gross but anything can work out there.
  • You can catch hold the attackers neck with all the fingers held straight tightly together with the thumb tucked and bent towards the side where the carotid artery and jugular vein is located.
  • You can kick the knee which can result in imbalance.
  1. Use damaging body parts

The elbows, knuckle, knee and head are body’s built in weapons strong enough to damage the attacker. Make use of these effectively to target the sensitive parts of the attacker’s body.

  1. Use the things that are available

Make use the things that are easily available at your disposal. You can make use of your bag and strike him on his face, or women can make use of their dupatta and tie it round their neck or make use of perfume sprays. You can push a pen in their mouth, nose or eyes and even toss some mud in their eyes.

All these moves may seem easy to read but are all the more difficult in an actual situation. You can also take up self-dense training classes which are provided nowadays for better protection. But the best you could do is, no matter what the situation is and who is confronting you, make sure the attacker is unaware that you’re scared or week even though you may actually be, make yourself strong and use all the power and brain that you have to get yourself out of this situation.

There’s a saying “The two most important things to do for self- defence are not to take martial arts or get a gun, but to think like the opposition and know where you’re most at risk.”

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