College- The BEST Time Of Life


college life


– Dedicated to all TY’S

Whether you’ll agree on this or no but I’m sure college and school will always be the best time in a person’s life. A time when we lived in this small little world or a cocoon where things are the way we wanted it to be. There is always someone to guide you when you’re wrong, lift you when you fall, show you and help you choose between the right and the wrong, educate you to be a better person in life, show you the path of knowledge and understanding to help you stand on our feet someday and decide what is best for you.

Unfortunately good things don’t last forever; everything comes to an end someday. Just the last two months left of our college life, feels like a bigger phase of our life is about to end. It’s like keeping a huge stone on your heart and moving forward towards a whole new big wide world ever waiting to crush you down, you have to walk alone all by yourself, no longer things are going to work the way you want it to be, no one’s going to guide you or to lead you to the right path. This is the ultimate truth and everyone has to someday face it. Let’s not be disheartened and keep this fact in mind that everything happens for good, life never you have to move forward in order to grow.

Just the thought of ‘Only two months left’ feels me with grief, after which there are so many things will be left deep down our memories to cherish all our life. Some things I’m sure none of us are going to miss. Like getting up early in the morning and attending boring lectures that goes on and on for hours and your eyes are about to close, being regular for lectures to avoid coming in blacklist, assignment loads and presentation, examination and its related stress and then fear of results and extra studies for internals. 

While there are a lot of things I’m surely going to miss like sitting on last benches leaving all the front seats empty, hanging out with friends after class at our so called ‘our place’, bunking lectures and gossiping in the canteen, harassing professors with our loud voice and endless blabbering, buttering them for marks, attendance and cancellation of lectures, last minute submission of projects and assignments, late night wishes before exams and presentations, desperation for cancelation of lectures, partying and having fun during college festivals and special days, making fun of professors and acting like the way they do, that one annoying classmate whom you never wanna see again, those little fights and arguments that we have in class.

These amazing things will never come back again in life. What’s gone is gone forever so let’s enjoy these last two months of college life, make as many friends as possible that will last for life, live each day as if it’s your last, no holding grudges against anyone, forgive and forget, give your best smile to the person you hate the most, few days of learning give it your best shot. A beautiful song comes to my mind on college life called “College days” and its words will really make you miss your college life hmmmmm…..I’m really gonna miss this place…I’m gonna miss my college days.

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Daisy Pais


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