5 Things Only Employees Can Relate With!


Economy consists of three classes of workmen, each with a distinct nature. The hierarchy descends from the upper class posh people with a snob appeal. Followed by the middle class gentlemen, and a thin line of gap covered by the lower class.

Conventionally, the upper class always tends to own a business and an enterprise to their name while the lower class have a tendency to get the tag of wage workers across the country. While the majority which fall under the middle class set up a small scale business or go for the best option available to them, that of an employee.

The mentality of the middle class people is to earn more and spend less which ultimately directs to save more but in reality, the fact is reversed as they end up in a debt in one or the other sense.

Though it might be contradicting for some of the whole, we can’t deny the fact that employees based individuals do spend more. It can be to pull off the gap between the high class and them. Or in order to broaden the gap between them and the lower class. What ever be the reason, there are some special circumstances which on an employee can experience.

Five Things Only An Employee Can Relate With!

1. Weekend holidays and sick leaves.

Gone are those days where the employees had to work for 365 days a year just to fulfill two time meal for their family. Times have changed. The corporate now understand the privacy of their fellow workers, giving them a non working day in a week as well as a stipulated leave days are quoted in their contract as well. Moreover, Rain Gods may also turn up favoring the employees as we see many instances of workers chilling at home with a cup of coffee along side the window just because of heavy water showers from the peak.

2. Funds and checkups.

The corporate world has almost begun to become the second family for the employees. They get their check ups, provident fund investment, life insurance as well as medi-claim done by the company itself. The employees are so precious to them that they can’t afford to depart any one of them unless any unfavorable situations occur. This ensures that companies are keen to stick with their employee and it also gives a small jist of job security to oneself.

3. Incentives

All love presents and surprises, who doesn’t? So do these employees. And they just get lucky enough as the corporate have several such offers and surprises for these people, just waiting to catch one! Employees are bestowed with many incentives like mobile phones, electronic gadgets, trips and tours, picnics and many more, to ensure that the employees are satisfied and the bond between the company and them is intact. These little relief in intervals can lead to a major change in the working pattern of an employee, he becomes more dedicated and is also ready to give that extra effort for the goodwill of the company.

4. Office Politics

Well, this is a scenario who is not just restricted to employees but even top level directors as well. It can be sarcastically called as a shame when a person doesn’t get indulged in any such matter in India. Its almost omnipresent. Politics can be found straight away from a railway ticket counter to high profile mantralayas, including even NGOs as well as Regional Trusts. So why would a general employee resist from it? This is one of the negative experience an employee can get through in his career span, but as we say, experience are the stepping stone to success. So it may add up to a learning and in long run, can help an employee to gain some self esteem and potent.

5. Promotion.

Believe it or not, for an employee, apart from all other experiences, this counts the most. Only the thing matters primarily is Promotion. All the hard work, extra shifts, presentations, targets are initiated and completed just for the greed, or rather the desire comes out only to get promoted. Which person doesn’t like to progress in life? There are also such instances that the made for each other friends end up as arch rivals just for a separate specialized cabin in an office room. So we can now imagine why do employees get so emotional when it comes to being promoted.

Apart from these there are many more experiences that an employee can experience but those instances don’t create such a great impact to the working pattern of such workmen.

-Parth Dedhia

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