If you are a Student and facing a final exam or an Employee who has to complete important work or a Businessman who has to do a heavy negotiation or a Celebrity who has thousands of people looking at the way he dresses, walks, talks, acts, lives, then you can have a very common problem of stress. In this fast life stress can happen to almost everyone who doesn’t know about it and doesn’t really care about, sometimes it is impossible to control anything that is going on in the world like recession, unemployment, crisis. Stress can have massive effects on a person’s life and it is important to know the symptoms and get rid of stress from one’s life.



Sleeping a lot or too little

Not getting sleep, spending nights just dreaming, or playing games on your mobile phone or just praying god that you get a good night sleep. It is also possible that people, who might have stress, sleep a lot and are lazy because mentally they are just lifeless. So if you sleep a lot or hardly sleep at all, you should look into it and try to get to the root off the problem.

Eating a lot or too little

So you are eating a lot then usual or eating just too less, this might be possible because you have stress. Mentally a person becomes nervous due to all the tension going around his life and to just feel comfortable some people eat a lot while some don’t eat at all, it is important to thing about it.


If you are scared, don’t wanna take any risk, are not confident enough to talk to anyone, do any work confidently because you have anxiety which is a symptom of stress.


People having stress are usually feeling tired because they don’t have any interest and there is a tastelessness in activities of daily life. People become lazy when stressed and best way to feel better and reduce stress would be by exercising, going to a morning walk which will make one feel fresh and reduce stress.


High temper, irritated with everyone around not laughing or talking sweetly, just being rude happens because there is stress in life. It is important to get rid off or it might affect social life and people might repel from the person.


It is important to fight stress and many things like Yoga, Meditation, Eating Healthy Fruits, Vegetables, Laughing, Going out, etc can help reduce or completely remove stress from the life. There are difficult times in everyone’s life, only the right attitude will take someone forward. So just think about it.


– Jainam Jhaveri


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