When it comes to problems in life, girls come out with a long list of problems and the ways they have to deal with them. It may be a social problem or her personal problem. They think that their problems are only “real problems” and boys can never understand their problems. I cannot totally disagree to this because there are some problems which a boy can never understand (let me clear they are not at all related  to make-up) but let me tell you girls that if boys are not coming out with their long list of problems it doesn’t mean that they have got an amazing life. They in fact have problems which girls will never understand. They never talk about their problems easily instead deal with them bravely.

Here are some of their problems:

1) They can never express their sad or depressed emotions. They are always expected to joke around and look like they are having a crazy time. But understand people even they are humans and they also have got emotions. So boys no need to hesitate in showing your sadness and having a fake smile or laughter.

2) “Boys don’t cry”- most often phrase heard by us and some of you might have told this. So now tears differentiate between a boy and a girl. If a boy cries he is told that “don’t act like a girl”. Come on people this sense of judging doesn’t make any sense. In fact it is not so that girls always cry and boys never do so. In fact girls are emotionally stronger than boys and boys do cry. Boys let me tell you nobody has got any right to stop you from expressing your pain or you can say letting out that pain in the form of tears.
So boys just let your pain out in the form of tears because that will make you feel better.

3) It not always girls who have to compromise for their career, even boys have to do so. Girls today are not in that bad position, they are allowed to do whatever they like because of modern thinking of today’s parents. On the contrary boys still have to compromise. You may think that how are they compromising? They have to leave their passion because of “money”. They may not care about earnings more than their passion, but their parents make sure that whatsoever they do in life brings them a good amount of money for his present and future family. Best example is shown in “3 idiots” movie. They are always expected to be an engineer or a doctor or do MBA, have a job with a high income and then to take care of his family. What about their passion? Nobody cares..

4)”All men are same”. Do you agree to it? I hope you do not because even your brother and your father is a man. Because of several incidents happening in our country, it has become a mindset that if a boy is looking at an unknown girl he might be thinking something wrong and all that. But that is not in every boy or man’s case. For a single wrong person whole “male society” is judged in the same way, which is not correct. Even if they don’t have wrong intention they have to bear that “had main raho apni or ghar pe maa-behen nhi hain kya” wala look. It’s like blaming an innocent person for having done nothing.

5) Boys always have to be very particular when it comes to their outfit. Unlike girls they cannot wear any color they like. They have to wear “boyish colors”. And if a boy is wearing pink then he is considered to be “girlie”. But let me tell you it is not written anywhere that pink color is only for girls so if from next time you like any pink colored shirt or T-shirt,go and just buy it. It will definitely suit you and your look will definitely make them think that yes “pink is not only for girls”.

These problems are present in every boy’s life but they never complain or crib. Let me tell you all guys that you all are really strong to deal with them and not showing a bit of your struggle.


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