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Before you add new items, take the old ones out from your closet. Wardrobe organization is very important, here’s how you can make the most of your space and clothes.

The first and most crucial step when you attempt to reclaim an ‘out of control’ wardrobe is to be 100 per cent honest with yourself. Nevertheless, getting on top of things doesn’t need to turn into a tear fest. Make a day, or weekend, of it. Stay in. Get it done in one go.

Rule of thumb

The four piles you need to create around the room, in whatever space is left after you’ve taken everything out of the cupboard, drawers and bins, and off hangers, are; Keep, Store, Donate, and Throw. The titles speak for themselves, but here’s a clearer picture. You keep what you use regularly. You store what’s not meant for the season. You will donate what you haven’t used in the recent past and will not use in the near future. You will throw out anything that doesn’t suit any of the categories.

Organization is key

Following one method of folding is trick to neat closets. Arrangement is the next step to maximizing wardrobe flexibility. Divide them by type like tops, bottom, shoes, etc. that go into the main sections of innerwear and your regular clothes. Clothes should be divided into ‘work wear’, ‘casual’, ‘dressy’ and ‘at home’.

A little investment

Install hooks and racks for your accessories. This section includes everything from belts, scarves and gloves to bags, shoes and hats. Always use a separate drawer for scarves and for belts. Gloves and hats get a different compartment. Your earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings require different boxes. Jewellery and watches ought to be stored in safes. Through all of this, keep one thing in mind that you will never wear what you don’t see.



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