A lot of men and women prefer being single because they are tired of giving their everything and fed up ending up with nothing. People are unhappy because they are single. Only if single’s realize how peaceful their lives are. There is absolutely no drama in their life.


Single life is fun life. That’s what a lot of single men and women keep telling the ones who are dating, in a relationship and married. There are indeed a lot of perks of being single. You might have seen a lot of posters and people saying NO GIRLFRIEND NO TENSION  hahaha this may seem so true.


Here are a few PERKS OF SINGLE LIFE.

  1. You can flirt with other singles you might not otherwise meet:-

That’s the best benefit of being single. You can go around flirting and fooling around with gender of the opposite sex. You wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it. You might even come across new interesting people and may endulge in a good romance.

  1. You can travel anywhere without having to feel guilty about not bringing your partner:-

You don’t have a partner. No tag along. No interference. You are like a free bird. Go where ever you want to. Do whatever you want to. Travel alone. No time limits.

  1.  You don’t have to explain why you came home late :-

Another benefit of being single you don’t need to explain to any one so as to your time of coming home. You may be dead drunk or caught by the cops for being in a drunken state. You come home late or  the next day you don’t owe an explanation to anyone.

  1. You don’t have to hide hanging out with other people from the opposite sex :-

Often in relationships, partners get too over possessive and do not approve of going out or making friends with the opposite sex. There’s often an element of doubt in the minds of partners. Being single rules out this element of doubt.


  1. You can save more money on literally everything:-

This is by far the best part about single life. You can save up on such a lot of money, especially recharge, balance , pocket money and utilize it on something better rather than spending it on your partner.

  1. You can go out and exchange numbers with anyone, anytime and anywhere:-

You can make many friends, exchange numbers that says it all.

FREEDOM like literally celebrate independence day !

You don’t have a partner being insecure of your new friend just because he/she seems to be much hotter!

  1. You need not  to be answerable and accountable for the things that you do:-

Absolutely ! you need not give a detailed explanations so as to your whereabouts. You are not answerable or held accountable for not being there at a party or a function.

  1. You can focus on your career and maybe even move to new cities or countries to pursue a better job:-

You don’t have to worry about switching jobs you can go where ever whenever and how ever with whomsoever you want to.

No emotional drama.  You can pursue you career, fulfil your dreams and ambitions. No one’s coming  in the way of you and you career.

  1. You can spend as much time as you want with your friends without feeling guilty:-

You can hang out with your guy friends and girlie gang.

You won’t have a satellite hovering you to meet up and spend the so called ‘QUALITY TIME’.

being single

     10. You can have adventures with new people without having to explain the story about how you met:-

You can go on a trekk, party, biking, anywhere and you don’t even need to explain why are so in touch with that person. How did you people meet up and how it all started and why is he/she on your facebook account and why are they liking your pictures on instagram.

    11. You can buy cool gifts for yourself instead of pretending to “want” to buy something for your partner:-

you can spend a lot on yourself and how and you don’t have to sacrifice for your partner and buy gifts for him/her. Rather you can pamper yourself with gifts also if your birthday your partner’s birthday and valentine’s day comes in the same month, you end up buying gifts for your partner instead of enjoying a lavish birthday.

12.  You don’t have to deal with weird introductions to your family or your mother’s judging glare:-

Your mom will always look at you cock-eyed to see who you are talking to, when you talk to someone especially your girlfriend you have your mom or your family hearing what you talk. Why deal with this unnecessary trouble instead stay single you do not have to deal with your family questioning you.

13. You do not need phone battery or care about network:-

You do not have to worry if your phone battery goes dead or if you do not have network. You don’t really require even your phone infact cause you do not have a partner to call up and inform any one. You can keep your phone switched off for a few days when on a trip or tour.


Being single is better than being in a wrong relationship. You keep living your life for someone else where you aren’t even sure of having that person with you forever. In relationships you have so many rules, restrictions, you have to hide and do things break the rules then feel guilty about it and moreover if your partner does the same you feel bad. Why live in this guilt? Live in freedom. Live single. You will miss having someone by your side but soon you will realise you are free to do what you desire to. Many of my single friends laugh it out when they see people with screwed up relationship. Sadly but true ingle life has dual feelings. You feel lonely but sometimes you feel free.



BY Carren Bryne.

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