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Our dress is a part of our expression. Its an individualistic approach. India is a cultural land with diversity in all aspect from human faces till views. It does always disturb my mind whenever I see someone staring other girl of my age just for the reason she is wearing dress which is either above knees or cleavage showing. Some see the ‘show of skin’ with pretending –to-see-somewhere-else eyes others see it openly if still not sufficient some idiots also do vulgar comment.

What is this? Is this the society who talks about educating a girl and on the other hand parents teaches their boys how superior they are to the female gender and owe all rights to enjoy. Girls are also humans- Are we? Human rights are for everyone-Really?  I don’t think that Indian society even do consider women as a living being if they do , they just consider us as a pleasure machine who indeed help males to satisfy their greed of intimacy. Men always desire for power. They always want to make others feel weak.

Since ages, women have been suppressed. Be it any calamity or partition of a country, a war or an attack. Women are the ones who suffer. They have been suppressed condemned as the weaker incompetent sex but the scenario has already changed now. Women have proved their worth in every field but still it is shocking when every now and then females get ridiculed for wearing short dresses. A woman wearing a short cloth is defamed with words like “slut”, “whore”, if we think rationally then how can we determine one’s character by the length of her clothes?. A boy roaming in knickers on a hot sultry day is justifiable but a girl roaming in shorts is disgraceful!

If wearing short clothes is violation of public decency then why these statements are only girls have to follow? Boys also do wear shorts even shorter than ours but no girl ever commented to any boy. Aren’t boys violating the so called rule of public decency? Why males don’t agree on the point that they cannot control their want or greed of lust.


People talk of ‘moral values’ and ethics when it comes to revealing clothes. But those things should be only spoken by those who practice them and not by the chauvinists, orthodox and narrow minded ones. How can someone judge our character by our outer appearance? When a girl is sexually assaulted, the society blames her for not wearing adequate clothes rather than suing the culprit. It is as foolish as blaming the victims of a terrorist attack for not wearing bullet proofs. Baby girls, barely a year old and old women who wear layers of clothing have also been sexually abused. I do not know how their dress code provokes any man to rape them.People can see scant show of girl in pornography but if they see girls in short dresses then according to the austere and sagacious humans it’s the violation of rule which they have set for women then a girl wearing sari and suit should not grab the eagle’s eye of eve-teasers as these dress code is set by our intelligent society but most of the eve-teasing and acid attacks happened with those girls who were wearing the dresses according to the society’s decency code .Who has given right to them to decide what we can wear what we not? We can never expect our society to change their views for women. It’s just an adage to say “India is growing” yes it is growing but in the case of women it’s growing to bury more women inside the grave of force created by the devil creatures.

short skirts

While rape perpetrators have blamed women for dressing provocatively, researchers have found out that there’s no link between rape and one’s dress code. There is no evidence to support that women in mini-skirts are more likely to be raped than those dressed in unrevealing clothes. In a country like India, people just put a full stop to wearing short dresses by stupidly stating, “It is not our CULTURE”. And no one questions them as to what does culture means in real sense. This country has many bigger issues to deal with than ‘who chooses what to wear’. There are many women who pull off a mini-skirt yet look decent and professional. Some people can really look good in a pair of shorts than wearing pants.

We are living in the modern globalizing society, so are the rights of freedom of expression and choice just a prerogative of the male section?  A woman is rational enough to make her own decisions; she has always made life changing decisions for the entire society so a matter of choice of clothes for her should not be the concern of the society.





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  1. Aishwarya Iyer 6 years ago

    These questions are not only disturbing you, but every next woman in our society. Wearing ‘decent’ clothes are like our personality development lessons which are taught to us from our childhood. Removing these lessons from the minds of the people will take years and years. Your thoughts are agreeable but not applicable for some boys/guys/men according to who ‘staring/commenting’ is a WAY OF LIFE. Not only that, Girls also stare girls wearing skirts/shorts. They can’t stop themselves from gossiping. ‘Dekh kaise skirt peheni hai issne, khudko Aliaa Bhatt samjri hai’ are the comments they throw for another women.
    How can a guy stop this, until and unless Women unite with other females. I appreciate your thoughts but fewer are applied. I would suggest you to advise girls to change their shit mentality and then talk about feminism and after that start criticizing Male.

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