Teenage – one of the most beautiful phase of life. Teenage life doesn’t come back. You can live it, love, it and enjoy it. Teenage is that age when we enter puberty. It’s the age between 13-19 where you enter into a different phase of life with a lot of emotional, physical changes that you experience. We notice a lot of physical changes in our lives. Boys and girls enter puberty and notice changes. It is a sign that we are growing up. This phase of life is also very critical as we get influenced in many ways. When we get older we will realize how fabulous life was when we were a teenage. Teenage life for girls usually is skinny jeans, funky hairstyles, piercings, tattoos etc. it’s the same with boys. As teenagers we tend to develop a liking towards the opposite sex and nowadays even same sex. It all starts from there. We get attracted, infatuation, love. Love – do we really know what love is as teenagers? Well there’s something called as ‘PUPPY LOVE’. Yeah! It’s a feeling where we as teenagers feel we have fallen in love with someone, a crush, affection, romance. We get attracted to any one a teacher, an actor, a model we have our own fantasy and dream about that crush of ours. Puppy love gives people a new sense of individualism. Sooner or later we realize that it wasn’t love but it was mere puppy love.

As a teenager we go through a lot of highs and lows in life. We get mood swings. Well that’s because your body is changing and your hormones are the reason why you feel what you feel. Mood swings – you feel happy, sad, depressed, angry; dissatisfied that is exactly what mood swings do to you. When you enter into your teens you feel you are maturing. Indeed you are. But that does not mean you are already matured. As you grow older you will get wiser. You need to understand your feelings and emotions and take advices. But be careful on whose advice you buy. There is always someone who cares for you like your parents, teachers, siblings etc. one should try and enjoy their teenage years , falling in love is good but if you get into a wrong relationship you end up missing your life. It’s more about making friends. The right set of friends. You are known by the company you keep. Heard of it? It is very true. The right set of friends makes your teenage life more beautiful. You go out for movies, class, college, tuitions, picnics, parties etc.


There are teenagers who do not enjoy the perks of teenage life. There are teenagers who have a really tough life. They go through a lot of things emotionally. All do not have perfect families. A few of them lose their parents, guardians in an accident or any sudden bad occurrence. They suffer from the pressures of life. They start working at an early age. They become the bread winners. Most of the teenagers are not that outgoing as compared to those who have a lot of friends, who spend a lot of money partying, clubbing, drinking, and smoking. These teenagers isolate themselves and stay in their shell. They do not mingle around with people, this results into low self-esteem low self-confidence, inferiority complex. This hampers the personality of an individual. Also affects their future when they start working as individuals in a company or as professionals. Therefore it is necessary to mingle around make new friends and judge every individuals behaviour and habits. Every individual is different and we learn a lot from our friends, acquaintances, colleagues, teachers, parents, siblings and the neighbours. Teenage is the only time in life where you can live it the way you want to.  When you are young, you have a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm. One must make use of it. In life the older you get you realize you could do something better when you were young than of that when you have crossed your teens and entered your late 20’s and 30’s.

You shouldn’t waste your teen years in falling in love or wasting time thinking about growing up. Instead, live it and take up a hobby. Do the things that you love, do the things that you always wanted to do. If you like writing, write. If you like singing and want to learn n develop your skills do it. Dance – do it wherever you can even if you do not know the steps if dancing makes you happy do it. Discover your talents, enhance your skills, use it every way you can. You never know you may fetch a job on the basis of your hobby. Making your hobby your career could be the best thing in the world. Study hard, party harder. Avoid doing illegal things, involving yourself into bad habits like DRUGS!

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 Drinking is common these days a lot of teenagers drink. Do not over drink. Drive but don’t drink and drive. Love but don’t hurt yourself or others. Do not harm yourself in love. You often tend to get influenced by movies, serials, songs, videos and our surrounding. You love the wrong person; you sacrifice your teenage life, your dreams, and your ambitions for someone who you feel is in love with you and you with him/her. Never so such a mistake. It must have been love, but if it’s over. Do not harm or hurt yourself. Cry if you have too but don’t do the wrong things like suicide, cutting your wrist, n going on the railway tracks. That’s just the dumbest way of dying. Rather divert your mind. Put your heart into your goals.

I personally feel love comes and goes, people come and go, even your family may leave you, but what stays is your education and career. You may lose your job but you have your qualifications. Dream high! Live life! Do not waste time in anger, jealously, hatred. As teenagers we should not act like children but not even try to act mature, rather be yourself and follow your dreams and hope, pray, love.

–          CARREN BRYNE.

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