10 Funny Reasons to be on BMS.co.in


1) That girl in my class who looks prettier day by day is on BMS.co.in

2) That nerd topper of my college has joined BMS.co.in and I want to show him I am not behind

3) BMS.co.in proves that what I have been shouting for years-I’M SMART!!

4) It is a secret way to be in constant touch with my books while showing my peers that I am too chilled out to study

5) I want to know who all are smart (read idiots) like me to have chosen BMS

6) I share my so-called secrets with others on this site- my crush, teachers’ gossips and what not!

7) It helps me know what more horrendous things lie in store for me in the coming semesters

8 ) I get to know about the likes and dislikes of people doing BMS- A hot topic for gossip!

9) It satisfies and boosts my ego to see people even more stupid than me doing what I am doing

10) BMS.co.in is totally chilled out place for me as I can see girls (i mean students) of different colleges and come in contact with them

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