25 Funniest Childhood Rumors You Will Instantly Relate To And Share On WhatsApp



Whenever we think about our childhood, we miss it really very badly. The reason is simple. Childhood was awesome. There is nothing better in life which can replace our innocent, stupid, hilarious childhood memories. There are many such moments which are just unforgettable and can make you cry or laugh instantly.

Below we present 25 Funniest Childhood Rumors You Will Instantly Relate To And Share On WhatsApp:

1) If you look at mirror at night, your face will turn into a monkey face.

2) Shahid Afridi has retired.

3) You are adopted, you are step brother or sister.

4) When you get chickenpox, sooner or later, you will turn into a chicken.

5) They said if you eat any fruit seeds, there will be tree growing inside your stomach.

6) Watering the money plant will make us rich.

7) So jaana warna chudail aayegi

8) This fever can be cured forever if you go for homeopathy.

9) If 2 people hit their heads accidentally, they should do it again to avoid emergence of horns on their heads.

10) Your school was either a hospital or cemetery before.

11) Sharing a soda using the same straw means you have kissed each other.

12) Don’t swallow chewing gum, it will wrap round your insides and kill you.

13) If you kissed someone, you will get pregnant.

14) If you don’t kill the lice in your hair, the lice would fly and take you with them.

15) He is mean to you because he is in love with you.

16) Eat spinach and you will get power like popeye.

17) The Gandhi family of Congress party is related to Mahatma Gandhi.

18) If you chew fingernails a hand will grow in your stomach.

19) Hiccups means someone is missing you.

20) Rahul Gandhi is the future of India and he will grow up to be PM of India.

21) There are ghosts up there. They catch and eat children.

22) If an actor dies in the movie, it means he dies for real.

23) After marriage, child birth happens automatically.

24) If you kill an insect, then in your next birth you will become an insect and will be killed in same manner.

25) Life will be fun and easy when you grow old.

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