10 Amazing Fascinating Facts Of Moto X You Did Not Know About


Moto X

  1. Motorola’s flagship phone, Moto X, is launching today i.e. 19th March 2014 at a starting price of Rs 23,999.
  2. Flipkart, Ecommerce website and Motorola’s exclusive launch partner for the device in India made an announcement related to the price and availability of the device on its website.
  3.  Moto X will have a daytime launch unlike the Moto G, which went on sale at midnight company added.
  4.  Flipkart had said that Moto X will be available with wood panel finish in teak and walnut.
  5.  With a plastic back cover, the phone will be available in five colours.
  6.  Black and White versions of the phone will be available at the time of launch and  the other versions will be available  in the second week of April .
  7.  The device has a 4.7-inch HD screen, dual-core processor, 10MP camera and 2GB RAM.
  8.  The Smartphone comes with a unique always-on voice assistant that listens to the commands even if the user is not operating the handset.
  9.  Moto X comes with Active Display; this feature shows the time, unread messages and emails, missed calls and other notifications even when the screen is turned off.
  10.  The device is preloaded with the Migrate app, which allows users to transfer data like contacts, photos, videos and even call log and SMSs from any Android 4.2-powered phone.


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