Books Are A Superior Form Of Entertainment Than Motion Pictures


movies vs books

This piece of article is for all the bookworms and movie freaks here. Though I am not here to criticize any of them, I just wanna imply that books are more prominent than movies, for which I can clearly state the factors here:


  1. Original Content:

    People who watch movies must have a pretty good idea of what is original and what is plagiarized. The authors who have spent years to make a masterpiece of their imagination is simply rendered in a 2-hour movie. I mean, the producers have acquired the rights of the movie but still the authenticity of the book is obliterated.


  1. Imagination is given a platform:

    Since it is said that when you read a book your imagination is irredeemable and you actually live that fictional life, whilst in a movie your imaginary characters are resurrected making the readers create an imagery of them, thus ruining their imagination.


  1. Meticulous details:

    You know that knowingly or unknowingly, when a movie is adapted from a book the director can’t put forth every detail of the book because it is not possible to mention every notion about the novel in 2 hours.


  1. Mobility:

    No one can deny this factor that books are quite portable than movies because while in a plane no one asks you to ‘switch’ off your books, you are allowed books in your workplace, college or wherever you want. While movies well, they are portable when you have it in your phones or tablets which can be a bit tedious job to do.


  1. Books are made into movies, not the other way around:

    Apparently, this factor comes quite easily in saying but in doing I must say it requires resources. While benchmark books like Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, and Marvel/ DC Comics (no offence to other works  which I forgot to mention) have been made into movies which have splurge around a fortune to make our imagination into reality, which I may assume might not be the case in writing these classics.


  1. Tenure:

     The nature of the book itself is ‘the involvement for a certain period of time’. You can’t run throughout a 600 page book in the given time of 2 hours that is an impossible task. Moreover, it stays with you (on your chest and under your pillow) for a much longer period of time. And keeps you entertained much more than a movie.


  1. Books comes cheap. (And smells great):

    ‘The Cheapest Entertainment’ is certainly a book which sometimes comes from a friend passing to a friend (and sometimes stealing it from your girlfriend). Books doesn’t cost much but keeps you entertained throughout.


The least I could say about the books and the movies is:

‘Movies do create our imagination into reality and give it an audio-visual representation, and nevertheless it makes us fall in love whether the originality is fidgeted with or not but books make us LIVE EVERYTHING and FEEL EVERYTHING not in a 3D but a 5D experience, I must say I have been a demi-god, and a wizard with an elder wand, and a lover fighting with cancer, and an erotic dominant business tycoon.

(But yet I haven’t imagined a damn shark so closely that it devoured my nose- Jaws Movie)


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