Why You Need To Stop Overreacting And Start Thinking In The Right Way




We meet so many people in our life. Do we remember everybody by their names? We remember only those who have touched our hearts and were close to us and are still in contact with you. But we remember most of them because of their nature and the quality that use to reflect so often that we address them more by their nature then by their names and that’s how we remember them.

Let me give you such an example which is surely present in all our lives. When we were in school an colleges we had those classmates who were studious and we addressed them as ‘Padaku’.Even today when we recall them we do not remember them with their names but we recall quickly when  he/she is addressed as padaku.Weird but true.

Like these many people address us with our nature. Would you like your friend’s or classmates to remember you as the one who is very arrogant, short-tempered, overreacting etc.?We all want to be remembered for our good and not for our weaknesses or bad qualities.

One among such quality is over reacting on every little thing. You spoil your own image and often end up losing your dear one’s and then at the end become all lonely and alone. I know none of us want to be alone. So find solution to stop overreacting.

  1. Think several times before reacting

It is very important for every human to think before they speak. You might not know when you might end up hurting your own people. So it is very important to think before you talk. As you all know Words one’s spoken cannot be taken back


  1. Be calm

It is very important to handle everything calmly. When you get hypered you end up ruining things. So whenever you get agitated over a situation think try and handle it calmly by talking rather than overreacting on it.


  1. Do not take everything seriously

There are many of us who treat every situation like a death and life situation. It is important to chill out and not to take everything as an attack on you when someone might have mere intention of some fun.


  1. Let go

It is very important as mentioned earlier not to take everything as death and life situation. At the same time everything that happens especially small little things doesn’t require attention so let go rather than react and mess up things for yourself.


Next time, before you even react on a situation definitely once analyze the situation and think if it really requires your attention.

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