Why Not To Get Involved In Bad Company And Wrong Doings


Wrong Doings

Like we know there is both good and evil in the world. Same way we also know that there is both good and bad people in the world. But the choice is ours to have good people in life or people that can give us the best of things but will also end you up in trouble.

We have just one life that god has given us why insult the creator and Parents who have got us in the world by doing thing in a wrong way. If you say that the wrong way leads you to success easier then know that the success is short time. While when you do it the right way it will take your time but bring you happiness and also a life of respect and peace.

  1. You may end up ruining your life

We know of so many examples wherein one falls into wrong doing or bad company you end up ruining your life. Take for example there are so many guys and girls who end up getting into the world of crime just because of wrong doings or bad company.


  1. You may even reach the verge of Death

We have heard deaths due to accidents and more than half of it is not accidentals. It is because with your group of friend you end up rash driving and finally end up losing life. So many people are addicted to drugs and alcohol just because your friends want you to do so. I am sure that you all know where you will end up with this entire wrong doings.


  1. You may hurt and even lose your loved ones

Would you like to hurt the ones who love you? Or would you want to be away from them forever. If you remain in bad company then obviously you will get these results out of it. You are doing wrong but the ones who get the most hurt with these are those who love you like anything and they don’t want to lose you no matter what. So just for the ones who love you like crazy and leave the Bad Company.


  1. You will spoil the image of your family

Would you like people questioning your family because of you? Would you like them leaving a life of shame? If you don’t want all of these then you got to take a decision to do the right thing and also stand with the right.


We all know fruits of both good and bad things. Now the choice is yours to have a respectful life? Or a life of all the riches in the world but without respect?

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