Know Why Not To Rag A Fresher / Junior




College life we assume as all fun, masti and dhamaal. Is it the case really? Is college life as simple as we assume. We all are filled with so much excitement and fun but much more then there is fear among the students specially those entering the engineering colleges and one those doing their MBBS.

Do you know what the fear is? It is nothing but the fear of Ragging. For the seniors it just fun or prank that they play with their juniors or fresher’s. But have the senior’s ever assumed what and how the fresher’s feel when they get ragged. How much are you hurting the person from within by ragging? How badly do you harm their Self- Confidence?

There are a very few who take up ragging every sportingly but there are many who give up on life forever as they cannot bear the torture. Nobody has rights to play with someone’s life in anyway.

What is ragging  and the causes and effects is best thought by the movie Table No 21 wherein the guy is ragged by few seniors so badly that it almost turns unto a torture and so he attempts suicide due to which he becomes mentally ill and his bright future lands up in darkness.

This is just one reason that why shouldn’t you rag a fresher/junior. Here are few more to help you understand why ragging is not a prank or fun…


  1. It is a crime

Firstly due to cases of ragging increasing everyday Ragging is no more treated as prank but a hideous crime. You are not supposed to rag anybody and if a case gets registered against you then you are not admitted to any college anywhere which means you end up you career. Other then you might get rigorous imprisonment for 4 Years or more including fine of Rs 25000.


  1. You may end someone’s life forever

Another reason you shouldn’t rag anybody…because the victim might end up killing himself/herself just because of your prank which has become a mental torture for him/her due to which the person takes such a step…which will also kill up with the guilt of ragging.


  1. You are ruining someone’s career

If the person doesn’t end up his/her life but will be so shaken that will stop going to college. This mean doesn’t continue with the career just because of Ragging. Would you like someone’s future and life get wasted like this?


I hope the reasons are enough for those who are ragging somebody and even for those who have the thought of ragging somebody. Guys do not play with someone’s have no right to harm anybody through the so called prank Ragging.

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