Why Not Recycling Is Next To Committing A Crime?



The rate of sickness in our country is rising every day just like the population in our country. Every new day we have new sickness that we hear and the latest now is the Ebola which we all are aware has really no cure yet. So who do think is responsible for the rising rate of diseases? Like everything don’t we blame the government for it? The reason is we ourselves being the citizen even we are responsible equally for everything happening around us. The reason for the sickness every now and then is because of the way we live and behave. Let us take the educated sections of the society there will be garbage just next to you but we are so habituated to throw it on the street, tracks and everywhere else except the dustbin. There is a dustbin there everywhere because it can be recycled and made some good us of. The plastic which is the major part of littering doesn’t get decomposed and later kills the plants which indirectly are our loss. We just have to realize that everything we do affects us indirectly.

There are many societies who responsibly recycle everything by having spate dustbin for both for wet and dry waste. Can’t we take benefit of all these and keep our surrounding clean if not for anybody but for you and your family? If that is difficult there is a dustbin everywhere using that. We like decorating all the possible buildings, walls with red paint that we spit on them. What impression do we leave on those who visit our country? There are so many warning signs through posters, bulletins that littering is punishable but we are okay to pay the fine but not behave responsible?

So to make citizens like us a bit responsible it is good if it made a crime at least then we will think before littering…maybe

  1. We Indians are so adamant that only when something is made a criminal offence then only our brain functions as per laws
  2. If it becomes a crime then people will do it like we pay all our taxes as we know it is too a criminal offence if we fail paying it
  3. When you litter you promote germs and in short sickness and harm somebody else which is similar to committing crime

This might somewhere help us to save our planet or else we will have a future of garbage. On the part of the government they should strictly monitor such things or else it will be like all other things taken lightly. If we want a good future then we have to work for it today.

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