Why Best Friend Is Extremely Important In Our Life




One of those people aside from our loving and supportive family is our best friend. We can find a lot of friends, but the person that is indeed hard to find is the true friend, a best friend.

A Best Friend is usually one of the biggest strengths of a person apart from the family. It would not be wrong to say that good friends simply become a part of your family, the only difference being that family and blood relations are made by god but friends are made by individuals in their lives. It is therefore important whom to choose as a friend and this decision has to be wise enough as your friends reflect what you are.


You don’t have to have a huge entourage of friends; in the end, you will be able to count your most genuine, trustworthy friends on one hand. This life is about the people you share it with; make the most of it. Surround yourself with good people and always be a good person in return.

A best friend is really one of the most essential people you cannot live without.

#Consider the ways that Best Friend make Life Lovable… !!

  1. Encourages You


A person that will not judge you even if you mess up, but rather encourages you to correct those mistakes and start all over again. A Person who would stick with you through thick and thin.

  1. Motivate You


Life is full of ups and downs. A best friend make the high points higher and the low points bearable. We can say that it is very fulfilling to discover that you have this certain person in your life that you can share your laughs and cries with and very much willing to listen to all your grievances. A person that would utter some encouraging words that you badly needed as of the moment in order to ease the pain in your heart.

  1. Help and Support you

help n support

He/She offers you a new perspective to look at it. Any situation, issue or problem can have many views and your best friend open you to all of them. Sometimes, they may think way beyond your thinking which may help you to a great extent. This person will make you feel the sense of security that whatever happens, you still have a friend that you can count on, and who would stay by your side even if others may turn their backs on you.

  1. Celebrate with You


Your Best friend spend quality time with you and never let you feel lonely. He/She is the one with whom you can crack silly jokes and be crazy and are always fun to be with and never allow you to get bored. Even a boring or dangerous place seems to be exciting in the company of best friend. He/She is the ones who would enjoy with you anywhere, even in hell!

  1. Love and Care for you Unconditionally

love and care

Best Friend love and care know no bounds. Its unconditional. They are the people who keep in mind your every small habit, choice and need and try to fulfill the same. Best friend love for you is always the same and never divides in between you and somebody else, irrespective of their or your status and number of friends. Your Best friend shares a unique bond with you. The best part is that between best friends, even that nonsense is respected!

  1. Share Secrets


Best Friend is not only important to love and care for you or enjoy with you but also to guide you and correct you whenever you do something wrong. Best friend is the ones with whom you can share any damn thing about your life; may it be your personal problems, family problems, relationship problems or any other thing that you want to share with somebody.

  1. Give you Honest Opinions


A true friend will always try to show you the right direction and help you choose the correct path. He/she will give you opinions and advice you keeping in mind all the factors that are important in respect to you and your life. He/she will judge you honestly, without having any prejudice or bias. Also, as they are the ones who truly know what you are, they can almost always tell you what is right for you and what not.

  1. Listens You

listens u

He/She do motivate and help you to develop our sense of self-worth. A listening ear communicates value, trust, and openness. Everybody wants undue attention and love, and having someone in your life, who considers your opinion on various aspects of things and values your company can make you feel wanted. This can boost your self-esteem. Best Friend give you the confidence to uphold your sense of identity and self-respect.


*Therefore, if you have found the wonderful person whom you can call your best friend, you have to cherish her and make that person feel that she is a big part of your life. She should not be taken for granted since she is just too precious, for her to feel that way. Value the friendship you have with her, the same as you treasure the people you love the most. Treat her with so much love and respect since a best friend, a true friend is like one in a million, truly one of a kind.

Here are the few Poetic Lines, I want to dedicate for my Best Friends.. !! 🙂


The title of a very best friend

is given to precious few,

the ones who give love and support

in all that they say and do.

The ones you call to dry your eyes

and build your confidence up,

or even to just chat for a bit,

if only to say “What’s up?”

The extreme importance of a very best friend

can’t be measured in any way,

except in the actions you show to them

and in every word that you say.

That is how I know my friend,

from all that you’ve done and do,

that the title of my very best friend,

is deserving only of you  :*


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Tanvi Gupta


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