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Do you have a Fastrack watch, Ray ban shades, Adidas shoes, Nike t-shirt, Puma wrist band and a Reebok bag? I don’t really need to specify what these are; these are few brand names that we youngsters are crazy about. In any college atmosphere these things are quite common. You may have seen your friends talking and bragging about them having these latest accessories and things from the top branded companies.

Are these Branded companies giving something different than the other brand? For instance; does a Rolex watch show different time than that of a watch of a common brand or a Nike t-shirt gives better comfort than other T-shirts or an Adidas shoes will help you run faster? Then why are we so obsessed with BRANDS? I recollect an incident that happened with me in collage. A classmate of mine happen to get a new Ray ban glasses for around 6000 bugs and began showing off it in class. At that time, out of fun I just pushed that friend without knowing she was holding the glasses in her hand, the shades almost slipped from her hand but she somehow managed to hold it. She just gave a stern look and said “Dude! Careful it’s Ray Ban”. I just apologised and walked away. I really didn’t understand what was she mad about?  Is it because it was expensive or because it was Ray Ban? Through her statement I quite realised it was the Brand.

I have come across these kinds of statements a lot many times. I’m not a Brand freak; I prefer things that look best on me which is why I wonder WHAT’S IN THE BRAND?

What do these brands offer that we youngsters just for the name are ready to invest thousands of bucks just to have it? We have this common mentality in mind, Expensive the better it is. So we do not mind spending thousands of bugs or even more to buy something good and long lasting. Also having a branded accessory is become more a status symbol, the moment we have it we feel ourselves to be more superior than someone who may not own it. Brands attract attention and who on earth does not like attention. So people find it worth paying to have an expensive bag, clothes or accessories to flaunt about in front of people to seek attention. These top Brands are a matter of Attitude that we want to make a part of our life, Attitude depicts the confidence in the person. Just for the name people do not even mind buying it from local streets and showing it off as a brand. 

I’m not against use of Brands, they are good but making them wholly and solely a part of your life is simple useless. There’s a saying “My style is what I like not what others like”. So why pick up something to impress or flaunt in front of someone, instead wear it for your satisfaction and comfort. More than the Brand the comfort matters, if you’re comfortable with something go ahead any pay the price, it’s worth your comfort.

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