What You Need To Know About Temptation


Temptation is that attraction that gets to closer to something or someone. Temptation in it self says to temp someone. To provoke someone to get you more and more attracted to someone. We often get tempted to indulgence of chocolate, cakes, and sex. These three things have a certain kind of addiction that you cannot define. If you have to describe something attractive in one word you may say temptation. Chocolate have coco in it. Coco has the element to temp you so much so that you get addicted to it. This kind of addiction is not as deep as getting addicted to a human being is.

Getting sexually attracted to someone and wanting to be with him in bed is temptation. It is the urge to get into bed with him and make love to him. It is that urge that will make you lose your mind and make you loose your self control. Mind cannot be controlled as it is the brain that controls you most of the time. feelings and emotions gel well with hormones and create that uncontrollable feeling. A feeling of wanting someone and having him like an animal. It is that feeling of  Pouncing all over him like a wild cat. If you ever feel this way you know you are at the verge of getting tempted or in fact you already are its prey.

A movie that I recently watched was named Temptation, confessions of a marriage counsellor. This movie was such that there was a couple in love and got married. Few years of marriage and she was tempted by a rich guy. Who made her believe she is not happy with her married life. Well she taught it was perfect. Everybody thinks it is perfect until and unless someone comes and makes us believes it is not as perfect as we think it is. He found her intelligent and hot. He wanted to have her and indeed he was a play boy. Rich as ever he cheated many women. He tried to temp this young lady who was married. Spending more and more time with her he convinced her that what she has with her husband isn’t real sex. It is just a pain simple duty.

Being a good Christian and following her religious duties and faith she fulfilled all her duties of being a good wife. And even of having sex thrice a week with her hubby. It was the just like the daily routine. She wasn’t happy with her job as well. She wanted to be a counsellor but landed up working in a fashionable match making company. She studied people’s behaviours and actions and tried to find the perfect match for her. While doing all this she met this rich guy who found her interesting. She was the same guy who tried tempting her. He found her intelligent and asked her help in his business to. She agreed and he promised to help her set her career. She was happy as finally she seen some hope.

Spending hours with him she started getting influenced by him. He told her sex doesn’t mean only in bed. It should be had like animals, on the couch, in the kitchen. In the bedroom on the table so on and so forth. Giving her all weird or erotic fantasies and making her go wild and wanting to experiment. When she went home she kissed her husband just to assure that her life is perfect and she wanted to try that wild sex. Naturally as expected her husband stopped her and told her remember baby first we have dinner and then we do it in like just like the way we do it all the time.

Imagine to her dismay the words of the rich guy came true. She started believing her life is boring and her husband too. She started fighting over petty issues. Their marriage seemed to have ended. Based on this she decided to spend more time with the rich guy. She used to go to his place enjoy the wild sex while her hubby home was watching the match.  She gave into temptation while later her husband working in a chemist found a girl who was scared and afraid of something. He became friends with her and came to know a man cheated on her and he is trying to hunt her.

When the young married women decided to leave her hubby and move in with the rich guy her hubby pleaded her to come back. Also she had stopped getting physical with this hubby of hers. As her hubby was hurt and felt betrayed that she cheated him and broke their years of friendship and trust he confided in her. He confided in the new friend who worked at his chemist. They were no new love and chemistry that took place between them it was pure friendship. He wanted to do everything to get away from the pain. He thought he would kiss this friend and things would seem fine. But she stopped him and told him what are you doing? We aren’t even in love? There he stopped cried and apologised. She could understand his pain. She told him I know it hurts. After a while when they spoke he asked her why are you still single? You are a great girl. She said she cannot love anyone she has HIV AIDS and she doesn’t want spoil anyone’s life. He felt bad for her.

She at once took that rich guys name and said he cheated on me even though I knew he was hooking around with many girls she still stuck to him. It was the same rich guy who was now with his wife. That shocking moment he still loved his wife and got shattered and went to set his wife free from him. There he found his wife all stoned and bruised, he had beaten her up like an animal that’s the end to this story. She later got her aids medicine while her hubby had got married with a family and a beautiful baby girl.


Carren bryne.

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