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Are you a foodie? Do you love eating? Do you have a good appetite? Are you fussy about food or do you just eat everything? Well you if you are a food lover you will definitely love food. As much as you love to eat you love to cook. Well not everyone likes cooking but yeah everyone loves eating. You see food any time anywhere anyhow and all you say I am hungry. Most people food is a habit. They don’t eat to live, they live to eat. You see some people are so fat all because of food. Food plays a major role in your life. Well at lest it does in mine. Any nukkad any shop any moholla and you see food.

The restraunt business is one of the best businesses may be that’s why the Shetty’s are considered smart. They have hotels and business all over. Hotel business and the food industry earn a lot. Well may be because we eat a lot. If you are a food lover you ought to go to certain places around. You don’t necessarily need to be a non-vegetarian but even the vegetarians have a lot of joins and a lot of vegetarians do eat a lot too and are equally fat as the non-veggies.

The most awesome places in Mumbai city where you can grab a bite are as follows:-

  1. Eat out

This is one that has opened lately. The name of the place is EAT OUT. It is at wadala. One of the best juicy burgers that you would eat. They are based on the theme eating like a Bhai. A bhai in Mumbai means “dada” dada means like a big ass body. A person who eats royal food like good food not like a stingy person. They have lovely juicy burgers both in veg and nonveg. They have names of burgers that are innovative hence expensive but they really tasty. The best burger for the non-veggies would be RDX BHAI Burger. It is a juicy burger.

  1. Momos

Momos is stuffing of minced chicken or vegetables and paneer. These three are the varieties of momos. They are small and yummy. You get them at many more places. Almost all around the Mumbai, Karnataka and mostly in pubs and small joints you get them. There are specially places like dumpling king that is famous for momos. Also the one a small stall outside st Pauls church is very famous and tasty and at a reasonable rate.

  1. Hersh bakery

Hersh bakery in bandra is famous and is now opened for many years. They have no branches and serve lovely snack and good Chinese. Chicken burger being the best and Chinese especially chicken chilly is a must try. I bet you cannot find chicken chilly as tasty as the one at hersh.

  1. Kalpana

Kalpans a small shop at chapel road bandra where you get home made snacks available at the most reasonable rate. Chicken burgers and chicken lollipops being the cheapest and the best. Apart from them there are variety of stuff like croissants and pan roll and beef rolls. This place is good for everyone especially the non-veg lovers.

  1. Toran panipuri

Every Indian loves Pani Puri. Pani puri being the favourite snack of the Guajarati’s in India and around the globe. Many places here you get pani puri. One of the best places is at toran in dadar where they make the pani of the pani puri in mineral water. It is one of the yummiest pani puri and the cleanest ones.

  1. Dunkin doughnut

Dunkin doughnuts an amazing place for doughnuts. Yet there are more things like burgers and snacks that are yummy tasty and juicy. Even mad over doughnuts (MOD) doughnuts and cupcakes the best.

  1. Yummies

Yummies a small joint in the interior of carter road. The entire Rizvi college crowd knows this awesome joint. Though not as tasty as the hersh but they surely have good stuff to eat at the corner where all the rich guys stop by for a brunch.

  1. Imbus

Imbus a place for the hard-core meat lovers and strictly I mean hard-core meat lovers. Apart from chicken the best thing you get here and mind you the best is baby back ribs they are pork ribs (pig meat). They have sausage platter and non-veg platter. Beef and pork are like their all-time favourites dish and speciality. This place is for the ones who love meat red meat is the thing to eat.

  1. Cakes and pastries

There are lovely pastries and cakes come and cake shops too. Apart from the old black forest cakes. There are cakes like Ferrero rocher and Dutch cakes, mixed fruits etc. there are shops like temptation, birdies, celejor and many more. Cupcakes are in trend now yeah people love gifting cupcakes. Le 15 patisseries have one of the best cupcakes to offer you, red velvet cupcakes, to Oreo cookie cupcakes. They have a variety of macaroons. Especially in the Easter and Christmas season they bring out varieties of stuff and innovations in cupcakes and macaroons. Thought a bit expensive but tastes lovely. Could be given as a good gift hamper.

10. Jumbo king

Jumbo king the common wadapav wala. Enough of traditional street wadapav and time to have a wadapav that has come with innovations. A bigger wadapav just like a burger. It is called the Indian burger.

11. Shrinathji cakes

Shrinathji cakes are a veg cake shop with a variety of cakes, pastries and stuff to eat. Although expensive but a good quality and eggless stuff. Recommended for the vegetarians.

12. Bbs Bombay burger

This is a yet another amazing place situated near bandra station. Yummy burgers are what you get just like the kfc chicken zinger burger is the spicy schezwan sauce burger with cheese. Mouth-watering and filling so much that you might forget having the kfc burger and eat here.

Such amazing places are only for food lovers.



Carren bryne.

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We, at, believe in sharing knowledge and giving quality information to our BMS students. We are here to provide and update you with every details required by you BMSites! If you want to join us, please mail to [email protected]


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