Music is something that is soulful and divine. Music is something that not many people understand but a lot of people can feel. It’s definitely intangible but the feeling it gives is something worth having and something worth feeling. We all love listening to songs. Songs and music are interrelated. Songs include words and a tune added to it. Music isn’t always about the words it is about the tune and it is about the sound of it. Every beat that you hear you feel is music itself. We as individuals may not understand music as much as what the djs (disc jockeys) and what the sound engineers do. But we all enjoy the beat and music in itself is like our saviour.

Music gives us so much that sometimes we feel what we would have done if we wouldn’t have music around us.

A few things that music can do –

  1. Music relaxes you

Music is one thing that relaxes any and every one. After a hard day at work all you want is music that sooths you help you relax. We have different taste of music and we all know different types of music. We all have different taste and so when we want to feel relaxed some listen to heavy metal, while some listen to old classics, while some just can do with any silly Bollywood number. We all have our different preferences and we all like our different moods to be changes and help us relax through music.

  1. Music can be your late night company.

There are times when you are insomniac and you do not know what to do at night other than sitting like a bat and like an owl with your eyes wide open. There comes the role of music. Music can be your best late night company. It puts you into a dreamy world with its words and tunes. You feel good even though your lover has slept off and you have no company you will always find music giving you the best company rather than the loneliness and fear we feel at night.

  1. Music can be your workout partner.

While working out or while just going for a walk you would want someone to accompany you. You cannot always have a friend or your favourite person around you at all times. That’s when you have your own best and the world’s greatest company with you and that is your music. You may not even realised you have walked such a lot purely because of the music that you have. You don’t mind running that extra mile due to music being there just like a motivation factor. Music motivates you a lot and pumps up your spirit.

  1. Music can make you feel good when you feel low.

There are times when you simply feel low and you want to cry. There may be no rhyme no reason it’s just a crying season. And you don’t know why you feel what you feel and why you feel so very weird and not in the mood. That’s when music plays its part of cheering you up and making you feel good. It gives you a certain kind of motivation and happiness when you feel a certain kind of sadness.

  1. Music makes you cry

Crying is something that we all can’t get away with always. People cry not because they are weak but because they have been strong enough for too long. It’s something that one must face and sometimes crying is good too. If you have gone through a break up or have lost a loved one you don’t know what to do you can neither cry nor laugh. You become like a stone and it is not a good thing to do. At such times we need to show some emotions may be crying will help listening to a meaning full sad songs can bring back the memories and thus music makes you burst out into tears.

  1. Music helps you get into the grove at a boring party.

While at a party you are board, you want to dance but probably due to mood swings you don’t really feel like it. That’s when you play your part of music helping you grove. Different kind of music turns you on in such a way that you get into the grove and you feel like dancing. Dancing makes you happy dancing makes you lose a lot of calories. It is also considered the best exercise that one could do despite the sweat and heat. All you need is just the right kind of music and you are good to go.

  1. Music helps you get into romance.

Music helps you get into the romance mood. There are times when as a couple your love life has just slipped away and it has lost all the romance, fun and the essence of love. At such times you could probably put on a slow romantic number that really makes you feel good and it helps at least a little in bringing about the romance. You and your partner as a couple could enjoy this lovely dance and a good romantic moment. He and you could seal it with a kiss and may even get some good moments that you have missed in months and years. Music really brings in the mood, the mood for making love and feeling love.

These are a few things music could do to do and there are many other things that music could do to you and would work for you differently. It may not be a permanent solution to all the problems you face but it can definitely help you and make you relax a bit by temporary relief and make a little difference in your life and make you happy. That’s why you hear a lot of people saying music is my saviour, what would have I done without music?

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