A comprehensive job analysis programme can be used as a foundation and as an essential ingredient for all the functions and areas of personnel management and industrial relations. A brief description of uses of job analysis is as follows:


1. Employment:
Job analysis is useful as a guide in every phase of employment process like manpower planning, recruitment selections, placement, and orientation induction and in performance appraisal as it gives the information about duties, tasks and responsibilities etc.

2. Organization Audit:
Job information obtained by job analysis often reveals instances of poor organization in terms of the factors affecting job design. The analysis process, therefore, constitutes a kind of organization audit.

3. Training and Development Programmes:
Description of duties and equipment used is of great help in developing the content of training and development programmes. Needs of training and developing are identified with the help of job description. Further, the training programmes are also evaluated with the standards of job analysis.

4. Performance Appraisal:
Instead of rating an employee on characteristics such as dependability, there is now a tendency towards establishing job goals and appraising the work done towards those goals. In this type of appraisal a job description is useful in defining the areas in which job goals should be established

5. Promotion and Transfer:
Job information helps in charting the channel of promotion and in showing lateral lines of transfer.

6. Preventing Dissatisfaction and Settling Complaints:
Job information can be used as a standard in preventing and settling complaints related to work load, nature of work, work procedure etc. alteration or revisions of job description etc.

7. Discipline:
Job information can be used as a standard when discipline is being considered for standard performance.

8. Restriction of Employment Activity for Health Reasons and Early Retirement:
When employees are unable to maintain the standard job performance due to old age or health hazards, they may not opt for early retirement or the organization may retrench their services. In some other cases some mutually satisfactory rearrangements of subsidiary duties might make it possible to retain older employees whose intelligence, general experience and reliability make them valuable assets. Job information becomes a standard in this situation also.

9. Wage and Salary Administration:
Job analysis is the basis for job evaluation. Basically wage and salary levels are fixed on the basis of job evaluation which takes into consideration the content of the job in terms of tasks, duties, responsibilities, risks, hazards etc.

10. Health and Safety:
Job description provides the information about hazardous and unhealthy conditions, accident prone areas etc.

11. Induction:
Job description is a standard function as the employee is provided with the information about the job.

12. Industrial Relations:
Job description is a standard function to solve industrial disputes and to maintain sound industrial relations. If an employee attempts to add or to delete some duties from the ones listed in job description, the standard has been violated. The labour union as well as management’s interest has been violated. The labour union as well as management is interested in this matter. Controversies often result and a written record of the standard job description is valuable in resolving such disputes. Despite these uses, job analysis is also a target of criticism.

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