This actually is really close to my heart because from personal experience’s I know that there are so many times in my life where I have had an argument with someone. I know it because somewhere in the argument I end up really high at someone else. I think the really sad and tragic part of the arguments is the people we actually care about the most we end up high on the most and doing damage to them and the damage and loss last for very long time and its extremely difficult to reverse it’s amazing how tough it will be to reverse. It will take two seconds to say and you have to live with the consequences in your relationship for long.


To avoid such arguments :

Defuse the situation quickly sometime’s it take’s time you need to walk away . How do I defuse it now that should be your motto. Once you walk away people’s imagination fumble they start thinking what she/he is thinking .People tend to be offensive, jealous, hurt because you don’t say anything .That person say, ‘why you being coward and you say, you not being coward’ they began to shut down .So its better to defuse things at the same situation. The person you had a fight with will enjoy his/her day and you will think that he is not bothered and you think of all the argument and at the end of the day you blast up.


Second mistake which we do constantly is resist urge to pile all instead of focusing on one issue that’s actually happened you pile up with all the past one’s. But true credibility doesn’t come from piling up on all the evidence possible, true credibility comes from sticking with the original thing which bother’s you in exploring it.

You just don’t find the way to argue with someone instead to cut the person and this gets really drastic. If we want to cut someone because we want to see them affect, resist the urge with your words in cutting other person .

Its not  knowable one’s you hurt someone or make them cry or really done them damage it’s not knowable that point to go , ‘oh my god I feel bad now and then he/she goes and apologise’s, ’I’m so sorry’ I did not mean to do that to you. 


What’s brave at the point when your hurting, the point when your feeling stubborn, at the point when your pride is damaged do try and defuse thing’s at that moment it’s the hardest part to do but if you can do it, then you are the bravest person in the relationship.

What’s the point of hurting the other person??.. it doesn’t make you any better at all. 🙂


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