Want To Live Longer And A Happy Life? Then Quit Smoking Today!


Quit Smoking

Being humans we have the both good and bad in us and it is the same way we also have both good and bad habits. As much advantage a good habit we at the same time a bad habit has double disadvantage and every bad habit comes with a cost. Remember the first time we lied to our parents and we all must have surely got a lot of pasting from our parents but at the same time, I am sure we all have learned from the pasting and knew it was bad for us maybe not that time but today we are thankful to parents for teaching us the difference in good and bad.

 There are still many of us who have not learned from our parents pasting in other words ignored whatever they told us. Now as grownups we ourselves got to9 realize the difference between good and bad. We either on our own or under the influence of our friends develop habits of smoking, Drinking, Drugs and so on. But I feel whatever we do should not hurt others and specially those whom we love a lot or in other words those who love us and we equally do the same for them. And with the above mentioned bad habits nor only do we hurt ourselves but even our loved ones.

Smoking is the worst of all habits as with this we directly harm the others around us. Would you like your son or Daughter hit by a sickness just because of you? Would you like to be the reason for the death of your husband or wife?

Then stop smoking today! If not convinced with this then know the reasons to quit smoking today…

  1. For the happiness of your loved one’s

The main reason to quit smoking today is for the ones who love you and can’t see you suffering because of smoking as everybody knows the consequences.


  1. For the long life of your family and friends

As I asked the question before, would you want to be the reason for the death of the people who are dear to you? By smoking you don’t only kill yourself but those who are around you. These people are the passive smokers who intake the smoke in much greater quantity then you do that also unknowingly. So when you know it then why are the reasons and lose your loved ones?


  1. For yourself

If not for anybody then for yourself quit smoking. Smoking kills you slowly and if you stay it is because you are stressed you are smoking, and then there are other stress busters rather than the Killer Smoking. We all know we have to die one day but then why shorten our life by smoking instead enjoy life and make others happy around you.


Are you convinced with the reasons to quit smoking if yes then a brilliant choice, if no then be ready to bare the effects of smoking? Guys know one thing we live once why spoil the life by such habits instead live life to the fullest with better things and be an example to the world.

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