TYBMS Sem 6 Important Question Bank 2016 – 1 day before the exam!

Exams are approaching in a few days and you’ve been for several years, nay decades now! This possibly will be the last exam you take in your life for many of you.


Now that the TYBMS SEM 6 Exams are so near, you prayed to god that some angel would drop all the important questions in your lap so that you would score well or maybe just clear the exams.

Don’t worry, we’re here for you. We will be updating important questions bank just one day (possibly night) before the exam. However, do NOT  think that we are leaking papers, or have inside information. WE DO NOT. We just analyse past papers and come up with the question bank based on our understanding of probability and past experience of publishing important questions bank over the past decade.

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Important Question Banks 2016 by Prof Vipin Saboo:

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Entrepreneurship Paper Important Questions One Day Before the Exam

Self Help group, Ancillarization, EDP, NSIC, KVIC, Entrepreneur vs intrapreneur, SISI, Venture capital,Seed Capital, Idea generation, Institutional support provided by the government to entrepreneur, Modes of raising finance, Shumpeter theory,

SIDBI, NABARD, Problems faced by woman entrepreneurs, innovation theory, Business feasibility report,  Industrial sickness

International Finance Important Questions One Day Before the Exam

FEDAI, FEMA, Risk and various types of risk in foreign exchange market, role of bank in international settlement, Different types of exchange rate regimes in the world,  Types of hedging, Autonomous capital, Accomodating Capital, Balance of Payment, balance of trade, Gold standard, Brentwood system, Fixed vs flexible, Gold points, Snake in tunnel, Smitsonian agreement. What factors led to the development of Euro Currency market,

Also read this and this


Operations Research Important Questions One Day Before the Exam

Case study expected on LPP Simplex or PERT.

In numerical questions:
LPP Simplex Maximization question expected.
CPM question on EST, EFT, LST, LFT, Total Float, Free Float.
Transportation problem of 2 type possible:
A. Find IFS by VAM & test it for optimality by MODI.
B. IFS will be given.
Test it for optimality by MODI & if necessary improve the solution by looping.
Degeneracy based problem not expected.

Simple Assignment problem, Minimization or Maximization.

In Decision theory,
One question each on
B. 5 Decision criteria (Maximin, Maximax etc)
C. Decision Tree

Important Theory Questions :

Unit 1

Process of LPP formation with regard to decision variable

Slack Variable in LP

Alternate optimum solution in simplex and how to identify key column

Basic assumption in formation of LPP

What is feasible region in LP graphical

Redundant constraint in LP graphical

Unbounded solution in LP Graphical

Mixed constraint in LP

Key Column, Key Element, Key Row in LP Simplex

Degeneration in Simplex

Types of Constraints in LP

Infeasible solution in graphical method

Unit 2

Difference between CPM and PERT

DUMMY Activity

Three times estimates in PERT and How to Calculate Expected Time in an activity

Basic principles of construction of network diagram

Objectives of project crashing

Merge event, Burst event, merge and burst event

Critical path, sub critical path, critical activities

Objectives of project crashing

Forward pass and backward pass in CPM

Concurrent activities

Various Cost involved in project

Indian Management Thoughts and Practices – Important Questions One Day Before the Exam

1.Principles /features of Indian ethos.
2 Difference between Indian and Western management.

3.Spiritual intelligence
4.Styles of leadership

5.Comparative study between Indian Japanese and American style of motivation
6.Personality development through yoga
7.Determinants of personality.

8.Guna theory
9.Purushartha model different koshas

11.Significance of festivals.
12.Gurukul system advatages/disadvantages.
13.Concept of Karma.
14.Vasudhiava kutumbakam its importance.


Use the search option on bms.co.in to find answers to these questions 🙂


International Marketing – Important Questions One Day Before the Exam

1. Define International Marketing and explain its features? – Module 1

2. Distinguish Between Domestic & International Marketing? – Module 1

3. PESTLE Analysis or International Marketing Environment – Case Study – Module 1

4. Explain the different types of Trade barriers?

  Module 1
5. Write a note on EU, NAFTA & ASEAN? Module 1
6. Write the functions of WTO and explain the DOHA round of WTO? Module 1
7. Write a note on advantages & disadvantages of MNC? Module 1
8. Summarise the functions & factors influencing packaging? Module 2
9. Explain the different types of foreign intermediaries? Module 2
10. Write a note on Labeling & Marking? Module 2
11. Explain the role of IIP in the packaging field? Module 2
12. Explain the factors influencing pricing? Module 3
13. Write in detail the different pricing methods? Module 3
13.Write a note on INCOTERMS? Module 3
15. Write a note on direct and indirect exporting? Module 3
16. Elaborate the various incentives & assistance offered by Indian Government to exporters? Module 4
17. Explain the methods of entry in Export markets? Module 4
18. Explain the basis for Market segmentation in International Markets? Module 4


Retail Management – Important Questions One Day Before the Exam

1. Concepts: Retail Mix, Retail Image, Independent Retailer, Hyper Market, Specialty Store, Retail Format, Convenience Stores, Super Market, Markdown, Coupons, Rebates, Price bundling, Price bundling, Multiple Unit Pricing, Variable Pricing, RFID, Retail Image

2. Short Notes: Visual Merchandising n Displays, Retail Store Atmospherics, Space Management, Types of Layouts, Responsibility of Store Manager, Assortment Planning Process, Merchandise Planning, Role of IT in Retail, Franchising , FDI in Retail.  Retail Format, Target Market, Loyalty Programs, Customer Loyalty

3. Full Length Answers: Retailers Role in Distribution Channel, Functions performed bg Retailers, challenges faced by Global Retailers in India, Rise in retail, Types n Advantages of Multi Channel Retailing, Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Types of Retail Formats, Strategic Retail Planning Process, Multiple sources of advantage, Pricing Strategy, Location options n factors affecting it, International Sourcing n it’s advantages


  1. Tax saving investment avenues (case study)
  2. Risk profiling(case study)
  3. Benefits of mutual funds
  4. Entry and exit loads
  5. DEMAT
  6. Functions of SEBI
  7. Repo and reverse repo
  8. Charting techniques
  9. Yield curve
  10. Yield to maturity
  11. Efficient market hypothesis
  12. Window dressing approach 
  13. Credit rating
  14. Intrinsic value


  1. NAV including the entry and exit loads
  2. Sharpe, jenson and treynor ratios
  3. Simple numerical on annuity and doubling period
  4. Simple numerical on holding period return
  5. Numerical on beta, risk and return and standard deviation
  6. Ratio analysis
  7. Equity valuation on intrinsic value and dividend discount model
  8. Simple numerical on debt valuation/ YTM/ Present value

Financial Market Operations Important Question Bank 

Financial system – Role, Components, Classification

Growth of Capital markets – Factors, Role

Participants in Capital Market

Methods of Raising funds

Listings – Procedure, Benefits

NBFC, SFC, Demat

Credit Ratings – benefits, process

Repo, reverse repo.


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