BMS Sem 6 CBSGS 75:25 results were declared on 17th July 2015 and few days back, TYBMS students got to check their marks online on the results website: http://muexam.mu.ac.in/results/result_temp.php

Since then, TYBMS students are really confused, irritated, frustrated and over-stressed. Read on to find out why!

“I never had an ATKT and to my surprise, it has happened this time. It happened with most of my fellow mates who have passed with flying colours. We were actually given the corrections of Q.1a and Q.2b which carries 7.5 marks each in the last hour. And we are supposed to be given 20 marks for the same. We need correction of marks in our Operations Research Paper.  Also not all colleges were given extra time to attempt the same. The question paper code is 21819. Kindly take some action at its earliest. We cannot afford to waste 1 whole year and are helpless.”

“I am a BMS student, the results were declared last week and now that I have confirmed that I have failed in Operations Research subject for just 7 marks. OR being the subject where the university gave the corrections to the centre of exam late and they passed it onto us the students with added delay. Namely Q.1)a)and Q.2)b), Mr. Bhonde, the controller says the correction were minor but yes they were the ones which alter the calculations and these corrections were given to us in the last 40 minutes, wherein we had to complete our Q.3, Q.4 and the 15 marks Q.5. Not only it took a psychological toll on the students, but also we had to re-do 2 questions of a difficult paper and keep our pace. And to our surprise, the exam centre said no extra time will be given as they were advised so by the university and it’s against the norms, a few students who rebelled were sent out of the class. In any case, a wrong question attempted, delayed corrections and no extra time a student deserves those 15 marks. It was the sole reason why many have failed even the ones who are regular A graders. We are in dire need to get the full marks for those 2 questions i.e. 15 marks should be given.”

“I got only 20 marks in Operations Research paper which is next to impossible. I know what I have written in the paper. First of they made errors in question paper – Q.1b and Q.2b, then Mumbai University promises through the below news article in a newspaper that they will give the marks if we attempt. I have attempted the whole paper and I got only 20. They have made errors in checking also. Please help us MU!”

“We all know there was a goof up in OR paper in Q. 1b and Q.2b. Corrections were made in the end when only 15 minutes were left. Mumbai University has not given marks to the students who attempted all the questions because of which 30% of the students are failed in Operations Research. I got A grade in all subjects and had never got additional in the 3 years of the course. I just got 16 in OR because of which I am failing. My paper was good. I didn’t expect 16 marks. Mumbai University should give us 20 marks so that we can pass. Please look into this issue and come out with a solution for us.”

“I am writing this not only on my behalf because other students are also going through same situation what I am facing right now. OR paper was gone good. I have scored good marks on my unit test exam and classes test too. Paper was not too hard that I can fail in this subject. OR paper has been goofed up and we all students had to suffer from all this. Consistently scoring A and O grade in every subject and in 5th semester also and now in this semester I have failed. We all were eagerly waiting for results but not the output as unsuccessful. We are not able to take admission for our further studies as our career has been ruined right now with the goof up in results. Please we are requesting you Mumbai University not to spoil the student’s career. Please give us our actual marks, a revised marksheet which has successful in it.”


Are you satisfied with your OR marks? What do you think Mumbai University should do?


P.S. The names of the students have been kept anonymous on their request. Please feel free to raise your voice in the “comments” section below.


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Gujarat Samachar


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  1. hari mene 5 years ago

    #raiseyourvoice……….MU v need justice

  2. vishnu nair 5 years ago

    Are there any chance that all these replies are gonna go to the concerned authorities?. I request BMS.co.in to help us in this matter

  3. Tendulkar 5 years ago

    #wewantjustice…. v all know hoe much we deserve
    #raiseyourvoice…. & You have to give that

  4. priya 5 years ago

    this is injustice…all the students who failed in OR paper deserve 20 marks….because MU made an Error….n suffer hum kare…Y ?? can u plzz explain this MU !

  5. NITYA MENDON 5 years ago

    MU please help us please

  6. flavia 5 years ago

    Kindly help us with our OR marks. Please do the justice with tybms students of 2014-2015 batch.

  7. Via 5 years ago

    Kindly help us with our OR marks. Please do the justice with tybms students of 2014-2015 batch. MU please do the needful to get the marks on which we has the right. Kindly notify it.

  8. Ashish 5 years ago

    I need justice to be given and a bit courtesy to be taken at point as there was no extra time given to us for operation research exam paper….. Please, it is a humble request.

  9. sumit mewada 5 years ago

    Vikas gharwala done brother and I must say good one yaar one step ahead now lets hope for the best!
    When you will get some reply then please share I am waiting for positive reply!

  10. kamlesh 5 years ago

    We Want Marks….

  11. iqbal ahmed 5 years ago

    Vikas gharawala petition is completed and 220 students have signed it…..plz now help us….. TEAM BMS plz look in to the matter

  12. KAmble 5 years ago

    Pathetic university should know their mistakes….

  13. Vijay 5 years ago

    I got 20 marks in OR .. And it is affecting my Future

  14. Vishakha 5 years ago

    we want justice mu. the questions were wrong & this isn’t our mistake.. you should give us the marks… our career is at stake..

  15. jits 5 years ago

    Vikas gharwala done brother and 263 petrition of mine i must say good one yaar one step ahead now lets hope for the best!
    When you will get some reply then please share I am waiting for positive reply!..n I request bms.co in & Mu plz look this to this matter & do justice with us


  16. Ashish singh 5 years ago

    All the question is OK its upon the student. The students are spent more time in the question 1 and they can’t get the time to complete the paper.

  17. Ashish singh 5 years ago

    I have always not attempt question 1 whole but I m passed.Its upon the student.If the student are attempt properly 60 marks paper they have been passed.

  18. Ashish singh 5 years ago

    If any problem has become in checking the paper than its OK.the student can raise the demand to get the marks.But not for any questions paper which is given by the university all things are clear and everything are OK.it is just doing for getting the marks.

  19. Namrata Singh 5 years ago

    This is injustice…MU should give us the marks in OR… because of one paper goof up our career is at stake.. :/

  20. simran kaur 5 years ago

    Well Mr.Ashish singh congratulations that you are now graduate and if you can help us then its okay but dont say anything against us. what we are saying is true and we have a proof for that and more than 3000 student failed in same subject which not a small issue. Thank you bms team for supporting us. Hope we will get justice soon.

  21. Vijay 5 years ago

    Please m.u resolve the prob soon n gve d final reslts as soon as soon…Unexpected K. T…plzzz it is spoiling many pplz careers

  22. Shahab 5 years ago

    I failed in OR which is highly impossible…We request to please check our papers properly

  23. sumeet mewada 5 years ago

    Bms team any update about something related to this issue.. please reply soon we all are waiting for your reply. You are last hope for us. Reply soon 🙁

  24. jicu 5 years ago

    In college reveal process started or it will started after consodilated marksheet plz ans this..& if any 1 put in reveal or paper let me knw..bcz my college is not responding on it properly… So I want to knw who all have given in reveal or papers ?

  25. jicu 5 years ago

    Plz reply guys…you all given in reveal… Or papers…revealion process started in yr clg…n if started.. Then wats r the documents we need it..for reveal process let me knw..
    Bms team & dear students plz reply… If uu have any update regarding reveal ?

  26. Nahid 5 years ago

    Bms team is there any update like mu giving 15 marks to the student who attempt Q1 and Q2… waiting for your reply !

  27. Stanley Justin 5 years ago

    I have only failed in OR due to the last minute changes
    rest every other subject ive cleared
    This is injustice mumbai university

  28. Author
    BMS Team 5 years ago

    Hello all,
    Read a mid-day report which stated the below:
    Accusing the Mumbai University of “extremely insensitive” attitude towards the students’ woes, they have demanded extra marks for the question paper errors. When contacted, the university administration said they have already started taking corrective measures in this regard. “We have initiated corrective measures in this regard and over 80 per cent work in this direction has been done. Students, whose problems have still not been addressed, they are advised to approach their Principals,” Leeladhar Bansod, Deputy Registrar (Public Relations) of Mumbai University told PTI – See more at: http://www.mid-day.com/articles/bms-students-seek-extra-marks-for-errors-in-mumbai-university-question-paper/16410156#sthash.xdwpyXn3.dpuf

  29. Nahid 5 years ago

    80 % work done what does it means ?
    BMS team can you please explain

  30. simran kaur 5 years ago

    It means they are giving 15 marks to the student who attempt Q1 and Q2 right

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Simran, can’t rely on anything unless it is officially displayed on the university website.

  31. simran kaur 5 years ago

    But according to mid day news article it means they are giving marks right like 80 per is work done !

  32. shoaib chouhan 5 years ago

    mumbai university pls take some action

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