TYBMS Sem 5 Syllabus




1) Introduction to service marketing
· Role of service in modern economy
· Marketing challenges of service
· Service marketing environment
· Goods v/s service marketing
· Goods – service continue
· Consumer behavior
· Service marketing triangle

2) Key elements of service marketing
· Product, pricing, communication mix
· Distribution, people, physical evidence
· Positioning
· Market segmentation
· Process
· Balancing of demand and capacity
· Branding of services
· Problems and solution

3) Service quality
· Improving service quality and productivity
· Service quality gap model
· Measuring and improving service quality
· Defining productivity, improving productivity, service recovery, employment handling

4) Service management
· Meaning
· Vision and mission strategy
· Service leadership
· Service mapping
· Flowcharting
· Benchmarking
· Internal marketing
· Productivity

5) Current status and future prospects


1) Introduction
· Meaning
· Functions and objectives of FM
· Changing role of Finance Manager
· Working capital management
[definition, gross working capital, net working capital, core current asset and non core current asset, components of working capital, factors determining working capital]

· Receivable management
[meaning, and importance, credit policy variable, case study on credit evaluation, monitoring the debtors]

· Cash management
[motives of holding cash, strategies of cash management]

· Cash budget
[meaning, and objectives, budgeting of receipts and payments, preparation of monthly budget]

2) Cost of capital and capital structure
[types of capital, debt, equity, retained earnings, preference shares, cost of capital, weighted cost of capital, designing capital structure, types of leverages]

3) Capital budgeting
[introduction, types of capital, sources, evaluation of capital expenditure, concept of present value, techniques of appraisal of investment proposal, payback period, average rate of return, net present value, profitability index]

4) Business restructuring
[Importance, financial implication, valuation, merger, de-merger, amalgamation, long term and short term sources of finance]



1) Introduction to HRM
· Definition, features, scope , functions of HRM, definition of Personnel Management
· Evolution of HRM / trends in HRM
· Difference between HRM & PM
· Challenges before HR manager
· Threats/characteristics of work force
· Personnel philosophy
· Personnel manual
2) Human resource planning
· Definition
· Process, along with brief coverage of personnel demand & supply, forecasting techniques
· Factors affecting HRP
· Human resource information system
· VRS, outstanding, pink slip or termination, retrenchment, townizing, separation
· Contracting and subcontracting
· Promotion and transfers


1) Job analysis, job design and job evaluation
· Job analysis- definition, methods of collecting job data, merits, demerits
· Job design- definition, factors affecting job design, approaches to job design
. Job evaluation- definition, methods of job evaluation, process of job evaluation
2) Recruitment, selection & induction
· Recruitment-definition, sources, merits, demerits
· Selection- definition, process, types of selection test, types of interview
· Induction or orientation- definition, methods, process
· Placement
3) Training & development
· Definition of traini8ng and development
· Methods of training manager
· Process of conducting training program
· How to evaluate effectiveness of training programs
· Advt, of training development


1) Performance appraisal
· Definition
· Methods of appraisal
· Process
· Advantages
· Limitations
2) Compensation management
· Components of salary or salary scheme
· Fringe benefit, definition and types
· Performance link incentives
· Definition, advantages, disadvantages
3) Career planning & development
· Definition
· Process
· Career stages
· Essential
· Career
· Employee retention
· Success planning


1) Participative management
· Definition
· Levels
· Trends
· Factors
· Forms
· Participation
· Empowerment team
2) Industrial relation
· Definition
· Features
· Importance
· Approaches
· Parties
3) Trade union
· Definition
· Features
· Trade union movement in India



1) Introduction to business ethics
· Normative ethics
· Prescriptive ethics
· Applied ethics
· Ethics, morality and legality
· Concept of right and duty- business- western and Indian prospective, definition and scope relevance in social changes
· Ethical organism and corporate code of conduct

2) Business ethics conceptual background
· Conceptual approaches
· Echoism v/s altruism
· Entrepreneur and manger- its role and responsibilities
· Responsibilities towards stakeholder
· Profit making


1) Indian perspective of ethics
· Purusharthas- dharma, artha, kama, moksha
· Concept of dharma

2) Ethics of global prospective
· Ethics in global marketing and advertising
· Ethical prospective in employment including in the international labour organization standard

3) Ethics & IT
· Environmental ethics
· Ethics and cross cultural influence


1) Concept of CSR
· Meaning
· Relevance and significance
· Value approach

2) CSR within organization
· Labour relation
· Work atmosphere
· Exploitation and harassment
· Safety standards and environmental concern
· Perquisites and incentives

3) CSR & society
· Role and responsibility of local community in business
· Intervention of business
· Role of NGOs and international agencies in CSR
· Integrating CSR into business
· CSR measures and indicator
· CSR and sustainable development
· CSR and triple bottom line in business



1) Background
· Logistics and logistical mgmt
· Military origin
· Basic concept
· Def./ scope/ importance in current competition envt,
· Evolution of logistics and supply chain mgmt

2) Operating objectives of logistics
· Logistical performance cycle
· Inbound logistics
· Manufacturing support logistics
· Customer order cycle
· Lead time
· Logistical interfaces
· Logistical mission
· Competitive advantage
· 3C’s
· Logistical competency
· Outsourcing logistical activities
· 3rd and 4th party logistics
· Integrated logistics
· Logistical planning and strategy

3) Supply chain mgmt
· Basic concept, def., scope., comparison between logistics & SCM
· Global supply chain scenario and importance
· Conventional supply chain
· Supply chain participants
· Channel agencies
· Relationship mgmt, concept of extended enterprises
· Bull whip effect

4) Organization structure
· Basic concept, Def., Scope, Objectives and importance
· Barriers in forming effective organization
· Stages in evaluation of logistical org. with emphasis on modern flat org.

5) Customer service
· Def., scope, objectives & importance
· Elements of customer service
· 7 rights
· Customer service audit
· Customer service strategy

6) Demand forecasting
· Def.
· Scope
· Purpose of forecasting
· Nature of demand
· Forecasting components
· Approaches to forecasting
· Qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques & their applicability
· Time series analysis with numerical examples

7) Order processing
· Integrated system
· Customer order cycle
· EDI & its advantages


1) Transportation
· Def., Principles, Function, Roles, Importance
· Different modes of transportation [road, rail, water, air, pipeline, roap-way]
· Advantages & disadvantages of individual modes
· Intermodal transportation
· Factors to be considered for modes & carrier selection
· Modal characteristics & classification
· Total transportation cost
· Factors influencing transportation cost
· Transport infrastructure
(university moderators have cancelled sums from this topic)

2) Warehousing
· Def., Principles, Function, Roles, Importance
· Warehouses
· Distribution center
· Warehousing
· Need for warehousing
· Economics
· Service benefits
· Types of warehouses – its advantages & disadvantages
· Warehousing location
. Area of warehouse
· No. of warehouses
· Warehousing operation
· Factors affecting warehousing cost
· Warehouse layout
· Design principles

3) Material handling system
· Def., Principles, Function, Roles, Importance
· Activities covered
· Functions performed during Material handling
· Material handling equipments with selection criteria
· Material handling methods
· Material handling system design
· Objectives & principles

4) Packaging
· Def., Principles, Function, Roles, Importance
· Unitizing [concept of unit load] & palletizing/ kitting
· Logistical functions of packaging
· Objectives & benefit of packaging
· Consumer & logistical packaging
· Factors influencing good package design


1) Inventory management
· Def., principles, role, functions, importance
· Purpose of inventory holding
· Types of inventories
· Inventory & profitability
· Impact of inventory on total logistical cost
· Inventory management – objectives/ importance
· Symptoms of poor inventory mgmt
· Improving effectiveness of inventory mgmt
· Inventory turnover
· Service levels
· Economic Order Quantity [EOQ]
· Economic Batch Quantity [EBQ]
· Assumptions & limitation
· ROL- reorder level
· Safety stock with numerical example

2) Inventory control
· Inventory ranking methods & Quadrant technique
· Selective technique of inventory control [pull push models, traditional methods- P model, Q model, twobin system, fair share allocation model, MRP1 & MRP2]
· Modern methods Kanban & tool of JIT, vendor mgmt inventory[JIT to response based techniques[R, AR] DRP & ERP
· Inventory valuation
· Information system [def., principles, role, functions, importance]
· Management information system [MIS]
· Elements of MIS
· Elements of LIS
· Importance of information system
· Internal & external information system
· Functionality [its operation Automated order processing system]
· Satellite tracking system


1) Performance measurement
· Def., principles, role, functions, importance
· Activity based/ process based
· Internal external performance measurement
· Classification of performance measures
· Performance auditing/ perfect order/ service levels
· Characteristics of ideal performance evaluation system

2) Logistics costing
· Principles of logistical costing
· Activity based/ mission based costing, Total cost analysis
. Steps to be adopted for total cost approaches

3) Logistical network analysis
· Concept, def., scope, objectives, functions, importance
· Network option, No. of facilities [milkrun, RORO, LASH]

4) Modern logistics infrastructure
· Containerization
· Mechanise material handling equipments
· Deep water ports
· CDs & CFs network
· Moritine logistics
· Coldchain logistics
· Dedicated freight corridor golden quadrilateral & network of highways
· Specialize equipments/ double stock container/ unit trains
· Logistics parks
· Container corp of India
· Pvt. Logistics companies



1) Consumer behavior
· Def of Consumer behavior
· Why study consumer behavior
. Decision making model
· Factors affecting consumer behavior [psychological, personal, social, cultural]
· Touch upon theories of motivation
· Maslows hierarchy of needs
· Stages in perception, believes, attitude
· Concept of age, family life cycle, occupation, economic situation
· Understanding personality & self concept
· Life style identification[attitudes, interest & opinions]
· Types of buying behavior & consumer involvement
· Stages in adoption process/ diffusion of innovation


2) Communication process with reference to advertising
· Def of comm.
· Models of comm./ traditional response
· Hierarchy models [AIDA]
· Hierarchy of effects, innovation, adoption, info processing
· Comm. Model for rural & urban comm.

3) IMC
· Def & features of IMC
· Advantages / relevance of IMC
· Objective of IMC with special reference to damager objective
® Importance/ value of objective
® Promotion objectives, com obj., sales obj.
® Damager


2) Add agency
· Structure, functions & evaluation [def of advt & features & functions of advt]
· Def of add [structure of add agency & functions ]
· Advt budget
® Def of advt budget
® Def of advt appropriation
® Methods of budgeting/ advt budgeting methods

2 Types of media & media planning
· Media types

® Print, broadcast media, types, advt
. Support media

® Ooh media, instore media, transit advt, promotional products, marketing, yellow pages advt, advt in movie theatres, product placement in movies & on television, inflight advt

· Measuring the effectiveness of advt

® Testing process for advt effectiveness

® Test for measuring effectiveness of advt

® Essentials for effective testing of advt

· Media planning

® Def of media planning

® Terms to be studies under media planning [frequency, reach, GRP, coverage, BDI, CDI, PRP, CPM, CPP, CPR, CPRP]

® Process of media planning [what are factors that media planners must considered]

® Problems in media planning

® Media research

® Media scheduling [def, methods, appropriate media mix]


1 Brand & branding strategy development
· Def of brand & brand positioning, positioning strategy
· Guidelines for effective positioning
· Brand image [def, strategy for brand image development, other brand building activities]
· PR [def, how to build corporate image through PR, corp. advt, imp of PR PR]
· Sales promotion [def, sales promotion tools for consumers & dealers, imp of sales promotion]
· Internet [imp of internet as a tool for IMC]
· Direct marketing [def, role of direct marketing in IMC tools]
· Personal selling [def, role, imp of personal selling, relationship marketing]
· E-commerce
· Experiential marketing


module-1 – economic value addition
1.defered tax (asset & liability) AS.22
2.Segment reporting AS-17
3.IPO,Stock option plan
4.Sweat equity – AS 30
5.Recognition & Measurement of Financial & future deviation-AS 31
6. Representation of financial & future derivation

module 2-Appraisal of term loan
1.Project Report
2.Struture of project report

module 3- Accounting for eect o changes in oreign xchange rate- AS.11
1.purchase & sale of goods & service
2. assets & loans
3.computation & treatment of xchange differnces

module 4- Financial services
1.hire purchase
3.capital mgnt
5.merchant banking
6.credit ratings
7.mutual funds


Introduction to E-Commerce:
• Introduction to role of IT in business and different applications.
• Role of ICT in Communication and business applications.
• Different application of IT in global business scenario.
• Introduction to IT Act and its role to encourage E-business.
• Growing E-teaming and E-Governance.

Evolution and Types of E-Commerce:
• Evolution of E-commerce Global and Indian scenario
• History of e-commerce Generic Model of E-Commerce
• Defrubon.d3SSifcaton-B2B, B2C, C2C, G2C, B2G sites.
• Factors of growth and key performance indicators of E-Commerce.

Commerce Models:
• E-commerce Models – Store-front Model, Brick and Mortar Model,
• Build to Order Merchant Model. Service Provider Model, Subscription based Model,
• Broker Model, Advertiser Model, Virtual Mall Model and Infomediary Model.

Sub-Systems of E-Commerce
• E-commerce Trade Cycle and Trading Process
• E-market and Internet Commerce
• EDI and working mechanism of Edi
• Identify factors that are important for an E-Commerce
• Difference between Conventional Commerce and Electronic Commerce

Payment, Security and Privacy Issues in Online Business
• Issues relating to privacy and security in online trading
• Electronic payment systems- credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, e-credit accounts, e-money.
• Security / concerns in e-commerce authenticity, privacy, integrity, non-repudiation, encryption.
• Cryptography techniques and restrictions placed by them on exports,
• Securing networks using firewalls and other machines.

Marketing Trends in E-Business
• Growth of Online Retailing and E-marketing concepts
• Online Advertising and revenue generation
• Use of on-line market research and use of CRM techniques
• Growing use of Content Management Systems
• Integration of E-Commerce m business lines Different Service Provider (Utility).

Building E-Presence:
• Architecting and e-Business & Website Design
• The building life-cycle
• Design Criteria and attracting customers
• Site Content and Traffic Management
• Using Content Management System

Emerging Trends of M-Commerce:
• Emerging trends of M-Commerce
• Infrastructure of M-Commerce and Comparison between E-Commerce and M-Commerce
• Security and Bandwidth issues in E-Commerce
• Trading process in M-Commerce
• Trends in technology: developing markets for E-commerce


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      1. I am good at maths, doing practical things rather than theory. I am already working as an inter but in marketing field. I wanted to do finance as I know my base is clear. But I am confused as I have discovered that after finance the scope becomes limited, but after marketing I have a wide scope for success. Please tell me what all options I will have after doing finance or marketing. Please Help!!

          1. I am good an communication but still i can’t decide what to take up as career. I am sure I won’t be able to score in theory, but i can do it in practical. I always wanted to do Finance. But now i am confused as i am good at Marketing also.
            this is really hard for me to decide..

  1. Confused about the elective… I am keen on taking E-Commerce but a lot of Seniors says its a difficult subect and not very scoring. Suggestions Please…

    1. E-Commerce is not a difficult subject. It is a new Subject introduced last year and it has got all technical terms which would be difficult if you have no interest in IT. If you really wanna take up the subject, it is good as you would get the knowledge of IT being in Management field. Regarding the Score, it depends on how you perform. Otherwise, there is no problem in taking up the subject. 🙂

  2. hey..
    I have opted for special studies in finance!
    I just wanna ask that is it anywhere related to fy & syjc accounts.
    Because my sir told that if your eleventh and twelfth accounts is good then you can score good.

    1. Its not related but if you have the base clear and strong, then its easy to go to the advanced level. That might be the reason, your sir might have said so. Never mind, even if you are not from accounts background, you can always learn it now and practice more

  3. if i need to choose between ecom and marketing wich 1 is the bst..???
    as i like both marketing and ecom. and pesently der is I.T trend. so it would b beneficial…and marketing we hav already learn few things in sy…
    so sonfused wich 1 to opt for..??

  4. i appeared tybms last year march 2011 but i failed …..then i appeared in october and i got kt again ………..so m i able to clear out this october 2012 as i have not appeared it in march 2012

  5. hi,

    i am interested in both Marketing and Finance, but still i am confused, it is not that i am bad with theory or number i had topped in Managerial Accounting in my college plus i am good with theory as well, but going ahead with Finance will be tough (that’s what i think) it can happen with Marketing as well that is why i am confused right now. Please guide. Thank you.


  6. hi,
    Thank you ma’am for guiding me. If at all i go ahead with Marketing, is it okay if i choose International Finance in Semester 6 ? or is the Finance in Semester 5, base for International Finance in Semester 6? because i don’t think i will opt for Econometrics. So please guide is it fine to ahead with Marketing in Semester 5 and then International Finance in Semester 6. Thank you.


  7. Hi. According to the mumbai university is this above given syllubus 100% inclusive. Also can u provide me with what books are reliable rishabh or vipul for each subject. Thankyou

    1. Hello Rina..
      Join Certificatate Course in Logistics & Supply Chain ( Sunday Batch ) Programme…
      Thier Professors Teach u well with thier Experience…
      So it will be Benefit in Your Subject as well as in Career …

  8. I m confused! # in future I want 2 do mba in human resource management so which specialisation should I go for finance aur marketing help wanted reply plzz 🙂

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