TYBMS Sem 5 Exam Tips



  1. Avoid reading or discussing about any topic related to the subject one hour before the exam.
  2. Enter the classroom with a positive mindset & activate subconscious mind by uttering words like “I am best”, will solve 100 % paper  will get in the range of  ‘50 marks out of 60marks’  in externals
  3. Always start with Q.I in theory as in conceptual question student can score 15 out of 15 marks ( Length ¾ size of the page)
  4. Complete Q.I in 30 minutes (10:30am-11:00am)
  5. After Q.I gets completed  move on to section II & try to complete three questions from 11am-12pm (20min x 3 Questions)
  6. Try to attempt Q.6 i.e short notes as students can score more marks in it as compare to long type questions
  7. While solving case study follow the sequences

a)      Read case study carefully & and probably you will understand 60% of it at first instance.

b)      Read Questions after reading case study & you will understand 70-75% aspects of it.

c)       Read case study at the glance again & try to frame what answers are expected for every question.

d)      Ensure length of every answer is of one page in if the marks allotted are five.

  1. Complete 100% paper as every single mark is important as it is university exam.
  2. After completing paper in the last five minutes have a glance at every answer written.
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