T.Y. B.M.S.

Preliminary Examination – II

Subject : Business Ethics & CSR


Marks : 60

Duration : 2 Hrs.


Notes :

1) In Section A, all questions are compulsory.

2) In Section B, attempt any three questions.



Q.1. Explain the concepts : (15)

a) Kama

b) Business Ethics

c) Egoism

d) Dharma

e) Ethics and Religion


Q.2. Case Study :

Dr. Amit Verma had just paid a hefty capitation fee, legally approved by the authorities for

the admission of his son in a private Medical College. He being a doctor, was keen to see

that his son too should become a doctor. He was of the opinion that medical profession as

such is a noble profession and it should not be subjected to market forces purely as a

commercial enterprise.

As a student of Business Ethics, answer the following questions :

(a) The mortality and legality of capitation fee. (07)

(b) Discuss the relevance of Business activity of various individuals in the case. (08)



Q.3. Discuss the relevance of Business Ethics in the modern world of materialism. (10)

Q.4. What is Corporate Governance? How does it affect the image of the company? (10)

Q.5. Discuss the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility with the help example of corporate

entity you know. (10)

Q.6. What is Environmental Ethics? How it is relevant for the business organisations? (10)

Q.7. Write short notes on any two of the following : (10)

(a) Altruism.

(b) Indian concept of rights and duties.

(c) Ethical issues in advertising.

(d) Safety at work.



Admission for TYBMS Sem VI in progress, batches commencing from Nov. 12.

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