Top 6 Excuses To Give Your Boyfriend When You Don’t Receive His Call




After a certain age anyone means very special to us after our family and friends is that special one whom we await lifelong. This special one is nobody but whom we generally address or call in different names such as Mr. Right, Mr. Perfect, life partner and the most common of all Boyfriend or the short form known as bf.

They become very important us after they come and we love spending whole time with them. The worst thing that we do is never answer the call when they call us isn’t it? Then we give them what we call us explanation for not answering the call which is generally or rightly known as excuses. The excuses that we give are so stupid that they won’t get convinced but we still give the same excuses all the time and they also very sweetly calling it as cute.

Here goes the top excuse we give….

  • I did not see the call baby – this is the best excuse being girl’s we give. Baby I did not see the call baby and so did not receive it.
  • Jaan cell phone was on silent – This is my personal favourite which i generally give. Whenever my bf asks why you did not receive the call and i tell the same and he very cutely accept instead now he knows that this is what i am going to tell him so instead he tells from front very sweetly “Baby please remove your phone from silent mode “ (blushes )
  • By the time I went to receive the call the call got cut – This is another silly reason we give wherein we must have not even nor been around the cell phone but say “Baby call got cut by the time i went to answer the call”
  • The phone was on charging – Another common excuse that we give saying baby phone was on charging so couldn’t answer the call
  • I was busy baby with work – I was helping mom baby so couldn’t answer your call….
  • I thought you were busy so did not expect your call so kept the phone aside


Girls we got to realize that they accept the silliest excuse without questioning us just because they love us a lot. So on a part we should learn to answer the call if nothing surprise them sometimes by doing so.

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