Friendship Is In Trouble


Friends are our life at least in today’s time. We spend more time with our friends then our family. Our life starts and ends with friendship. We literally do everything with them eat, play, study hangout and so on .At least my life is incomplete without my friend I have to meet them at least once a day.

Have we thought that what if suddenly everything changes? Your friend suddenly doesn’t want you and you do in middle of nowhere not understand what really happened? If we are unaware of the reason your friend has parted away? So it is better to keep your eyes and ears open and never take our friends lightly if nothing but at least understand the warning signs that will help you understand that there is something fishy…

  1. Your friend spends less time with you and more with others
  2. She/he doesn’t involve you in his/her plan
  3. She/he starts mixing up with those people whom both of you never liked
  4. She/he ignores you every now and then and then starts giving excuses
  5. She/he gets angry on everything you do which earlier as cool with him/her – You silliness and your stupidity is no more cool with her instead she will get irritated and will get angry and yell at you
  6. She/he is no longer there for you when you need them – like when you are sick she/he is there immediately or at least on call but all that is vanished now.
  7. She is no longer your protection shield when others mock at you instead she joins them – there were times that if anybody tells you anything he would come there and give them left and right. But now either she doesn’t acre or joins them to mock you.
  8. The messages and calls that you shared have reduced drastically
  9. She believes others but not you – If someone just goes and tells her that you told something to her she will believe them and come to fight rather than coming and confronting once to you about the same.
  10. Whenever you ask her to hangout she will readily give you a excuse or might say no
  11. She no more comes to college with you
  12. She will argue with you regularly
  13. The fights among you is become a daily thing


By knowing and being aware of all these ways we can save our friendship by knowing what exactly the problem is and solving whatever is the misunderstanding that is occurred. As a true friend is rare to find and so never just let them go…

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