Try figuring out the answer of these top 25 questions: (If there is an answer…)

1) What is the speed of darkness?
2) If common sense is common, then why doesn’t everyone have it?
3) Why are looks deceiving if seeing is believing?
4) What will happen if ‘copyright’ gets copyrighted?
5) How many times have you stopped and wandered?
6) Can you cry under water?
7) Can you get addicted to ‘counseling’? If yes, who and how would you be treated?
8) If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?
9) Why doesn’t glue stick inside of the bottle?
10) If a doctor suddenly gets a heart-attack while doing a surgery, other doctors treat him or the patient?
11) Why do people keep their tooth brush in the same place as the toilet?
12) If you own a piece of land, do you really own it to the center of the earth?
13) Can you cry under water?
14) If the movie is a flop and nobody buys the ticket, do they still show it?
15) Is there any difference between novel and a book?
16) Why does ‘therapist’ and ‘the rapist’ sound similar?
17) Can we really see our future before?
18) Why do people don’t have questions to all the ’whys’ in life?
19) Why do parents who teach their children how to talk always ask them to shutup?
20) If a king is a gay and marries another king, what is the other king to the royal family?
21) Why do people tell to live life like a kid and when you do anything immature or childish, you are asked to growup?
22) Can pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive faster?
23) Why can’t a girl and boy be just friends?
24) Why do we still remember the person when we swore we wouldn’t?
25) Can money really buy happiness?

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