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It’s true that time and tide waits for none. But there is also a truth that time and travel also waits for none. The more you travel, the more u explore, the more you understand. People feel that traveling to place for a trip is nothing less than a relaxation time. But they forget that traveling to such places helps them to understand and feel the real beauty of nature. Traveling is essential for person to make him fit and active.

When a person goes for traveling, he thinks that it’s a leisure time and there is a lot of time left to explore the beauty. But actually, the time that he spends on leisure is nothing better than time wasted. We should keep traveling from place to place, in order to explore the new horizons of the world. Just imagine, what the state would had been of the world if the researchers taught of sitting in their house and not searching for new countries to trade with. Traveling is like exercise. The more we travel the more we get experienced.

Imagine this scenario you are traveling to a hill station. You find the place very quiet and peaceful. What would you opt for? 1) Take a rest for some hours and roam in the evening 2) Hang up the boots and go to sleep 3) go on to explore the scenarios and find the reason for such peacefulness.

If you choose 1 you are definitely not a good traveler as some places are beautiful to watch only when it’s correct time to watch the scenes. If you choose 2 den u r a kind of traveler who just came for rest to the place and be away from all the chaos of the city. And the one who chooses 3 is the real traveler and has a great mentality that whatever the reasons be, I am here to enjoy this place and after doing so I will make myself relaxed.

The time in which we travel passes by like lightning. It would be better if we keep on traveling. We must always place ourselves in place of a shark. A shark dies once it is constant on to a place. Once it keeps on travelling it never stops. We should also not stop traveling as it might end up making dull and sick. The people who travel a lot have the potential mindset due to which they have the knowledge of each and every thing that they have seen.

And in the end, I would just say that it’s true that time and travel waits for none. Once lost its forever gone……

– Jiten Godhania.

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