Think, Don’t Drink

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Facts & Assumptions
Alcohol is a major factor. In fact, the expectancy is increasing for every age group of U.S except that of the 15-24 years old.
The leading cause of death for this group is drunk driving.
Highway Crashes is the America’s number one killer of teenagers.
Approximately 95% People have tried alcohol before they become High School Seniors.
Teenagers do not really believe the drinking & driving might kill them.
The Youth of today generally have more money, more mobility & less constructive work to do.
Physical, legal & Social problems due to misuse of alcohol.
It is seen that most of the teenagers are driving recklessly after drinking. It may cause uncertainties such as accidents & other Mishaps.
It is generally assumed that teenagers drink due to the more freedom provided by the parents to their ward.
Modernization plays a vital role in this kind of activities.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that 18-20% of injured drivers are using drugs and although drinking is on the decline, drugging is on the increase.
The drinker not only causes him damage but it will be threat to the other person while driving.


Alternative Solutions:-
Increase awareness of the physical, legal & social problems attendant to alcohol misuse.
Provide and guide the person who drink about the various causes of drinking.
Change attitudes & behavior regarding alcohol abuse.
Raise consciousness of parents, teachers, law enforcement officials, the media, & other community & business groups, as well as youth about the problem.
Awareness can be created by Role Plays & Street Plays.
Promotion can be done at malls and various other public place such as railway station, in front of hotels and bars, etc.
There should be an age criteria followed by each drink seller. So, youths who are involved in this activity can’t get drinks as they are not eligible to buy or consume.
Various Campaigns can be arranged to promote social welfare.
Various sessions or seminars should be conducted in colleges and schools so those persons learn that what you are dealing with. Be a thinking drinker.
Expanding alcohol server training programs.
Implementing social norms programs that correct the misperception that most people sometimes drive under the influence of alcohol.
Don’t ride with anyone who has too much to drink.
Never drive when fatigued. The dangers posed when fatigued are similar to those when intoxicated. A drunk or fatigued driver has slowed reactions and impaired judgment. And a driver who nods off at the wheel has no reactions and no judgment! Drivers who drift off cause about 72,500 injuries and deaths each and every year.

Implementation by the Government & Various other Social Welfare Society:-
Several Possible Themes & Ad Messages were tested in a focus group conducted at a High Schools.
Five Ads for use in student newspapers were designed to address the physical, legal & Social problems that result from alcohol misuse.
Government also banned all the ads who are promoting alcoholic drinks.
Social Welfare Campaign was also comes into existence to aware about the drinking and their causes.
The campaign was announced at a January 1984 press conference attended by more than 150 community & business representatives, prevention & treatment specialists, & school officials in addition to the media. A young man who had been the victim of a drunk driving accident was the guest speaker. The event was covered by the 3 Hampton Roads Network TV affiliates, 2 local TV stations, 6 Radio Stations & Newspapers.
Special promotions have included display booths at malls & special events & two dozen presentations made regionally, throughout the state & nationally. 9 States have requested & been supplied with information about the campaign.

Results & Evaluation:-
Success was measured in part by the amount of support received from various groups.
Alcohol & Treatment Specialists have stated that it is the most comprehensive they have seen to date, that the content is accurate.
Public Sector support has been outstanding with 9 departments of the commonwealth of Virginia now contributing funds for production of materials for statewide dissemination.
State policy cars will carry “ Think. Don’t Just Drink” bumper strikers.
Marketing consultant Dr. Myron Glassman & Continental Research, a Hampton Roads marketing research firm, have conducted pre-test & post-test surveys. Results indicates a high level of response is getting after the implementation of various programs related with the alcohol causes and faults.
By- Rajendra Jakhotia

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