Scholars are those people who always score good marks, who always study, who have an answer for everything, who don’t get stuck in any situation, who love learning new things, who do like to fail, etc. This is a definition in each one’s mind when they hear the word scholar. But have we ever thought how any person transforms from an ordinary human being to an extraordinary one. How he becomes the person who is admired by all. We all love wealth, fame, success, popularity, fan following, etc. but does one acquire all that? These are things which cannot be gained in a span of one night. One has to work really hard in order to get all this.

A simple example of a college student can also be taken to understand this. There are 2 students one studies regularly for 2 hours a day and the other studies only during the exam time. The one who studies regularly will have less stress during exams as compared to the one who has studied just the night before. In the exam if they forget anything the situation would be different for both. The one who studies regularly has the knowledge of that particular thing which he must have forgotten but because he must have studied the concept when he has ample time he may not remember anything word to word but would be having the knowledge of that concept and so has the ability to answer, whereas, the one who studied the night before is already stressed as he has to remember many things and in between if he forgets anything it would be a disaster for him as he has no knowledge of the concept and thus he cannot answer and will  have to forego his marks.

Same is the case when it comes to achieving success in life. “hard work is the key to success” the ones who try every day and do not lose hope and keep trying have more chances of success as compared to those who give-up easily. All of us in this world have dreamt of a life that we want to live and if we really wish to see that dream coming true then we should work on it from the day we see it, so that all our efforts are successful and we can live our dream!

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