In today’s world being a teen or even in your youth is not an easy thing .there are a lot of pressures. The pressures to be the best, to look the best, to get good grades and yet not miss out on your “college life” and how can you forget the pressure of getting your dream job or just any job for that matter.

When you’re in college the small things such as having a good phone, looking good, wearing your hair in certain fashion, being with the group that everyone wants to be with, getting noticed by the guy that you crush on mean the world. And when you don’t have or get all this you feel little or sometimes a lot of disappointment. You start thinking ……. Why am I not getting the things that others have. Why can’t I enjoy life the way they get to, wear the clothes that I want to, go to places that I wish or even eat different kinds of foods.

But then that’s life .you can never get everything at once. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Some have to work-hard and achieve certain things in their lives. But then I guess it’s fair in some unfair kinda way like Kapil Sharma once said “agar insaan ko sab kuch mil jata toh woh khud ko bhagwan samajhne lag jata”.

Just remember that you can never be perfect, there’ll always be something missing .If you’re skinny people will call you malnourished, if you’re chubby people will call you fat. People will always have something to say about you most of which will be intended to put you down that is the time when you put on your poker face and move on .what matters is that you are with people that respect you and more over that you can respect .don’t try change yourself for others by thinking that you are not good enough just be yourself and everything else will fall into place.

The one thing that I’ve learnt this year is to always speak your    heart out no matter what. Because ten years down the line nobody will remember what you did in college or who was the most popular amongst you’ll. The only thing that will matter is what you do with yourself when you’re out in the real world nobody give a damn whether you were the nerdy, not so popular social pariah in college. Provided that you take all the judgments made about you in your stride and throw it right back at them because you are define by the things that you do in life and not by the ones that people say about you.

So whenever you feel like you don’t have the resources or luxuries that others enjoy don’t be sad or disappointed just work hard and try to achieve them for yourself, because the satisfaction that you get when you achieve something on your own is at a different level all together. So no matter what life takes you through, be optimistic, don’t be grumpy, when the road gets bumpy, just smile, smile and be happy and always remember that the only easy day was yesterday.




BY Himani Pandare

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