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Same SeX marriages-Will Indian culture accept it???

Homosexuality, Gay marriages, same sex marriages all these words in Indian society is seemed like a disease. This subject is mostly a taboo in Indian society & to government. As this idea of lifestyle has a great effect on Society. No doubt in the past 50 year’s human’s lifestyle has changed tremendously due to globalization & inventions of new technology.

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The main problem with Indians is Homophobia i.e. Public discussion on Homosexuality in fact sexuality in any form is rarely discussed openly. Some Indians think that homosexuality is a disease which is generated in the western countries & now it is affecting India & throwing India in the well of darkness. Indian government is also confused about sexuality & the future of homosexuals. However attitude towards homosexuality has slightly changed in India. In particular, in the Indian media where the depictions & discussions is done openly. The same credit also goes to the Bollywood industry i.e. Indian Film industry where previously the sex scene used to get banned but now a days almost every movie has such scenes & the movies like Dostana, Pankh etc. has made our attitude to shift towards the new lifestyle of the society.

There were many parades, protest & many other activities to prove the existence of these new section in the society. The gay parades were organized on 29 June 2008 in cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Indore & Pondicherry. About 2,000 nationwide people had participated in this parade. In Mumbai the gay parade was held on 16 August 2008 along with celebrities such as Celina Jaitley.

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We can say that all this struggle lead to an achievement in the form of section 377. On July 2, 2009 Delhi High Court has made a revolutionary decision by bringing section 377 into force in Indian penal code but the government still seems confused with this new lifestyle or we can say section in Indian society i.e. on December 11, 2013 Supreme(Apex) court of India has overturned the decision of Delhi High Court.

Behind every darkness there is always a burning candle i.e. there is always a hope for something good. In India also there are many organizations, NGO’s & many other committee who are in support for Gay marriages. So presently, we can say that Indian culture is not going to accept the gay marriages. But may be in near future Indian culture will accept homosexuality. But still India has to run a lot & people has to make up their mindset to accept this type lifestyle.

– Nikhil Jain

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