Religion And Politics – Should It Be Mixed?


Religion And Politics

Religion and politics are two most sensitive topics of our society. Religion in India is characterized by diversity of religious beliefs and practices. Although, India is the birthplace of four major religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism it still gives the religious liberty to the people to follow any religion of their choice. On the other hand India has a multi-party system with its control on each and every sector of the society.

Should religion be mixed with politics? The answer to this should be a NO. The idea o mixing politics with religion have more of negative beliefs than positives. In my view religion and politics are two completely two different sections of the society that should not be mixed in anyway, if it is done so it could lead to a lot of consequences hampering the harmony of the society.

In India Hinduism has a major religious liberty of about 84 percent among all the other religions. Why only Hinduism? Every other religion wants to be totally accepted to the society for instances Muslims may want India to be an Islamic country.  Politics caters to serving the society and improving the nation as a whole but if it is mixed with religion, only a particular religion will be served instead of the all the religious communities. It could further lead to communal riots and clashes between religious boundaries and the outcome would be disastrous. Religion has a healing side but it also has a killing side. India being the multi-religious country mixing religion with politics could hamper the social harmony of the country on the grounds on religious disputes among people. This idea could be misused by politicians for their own selfish desires. People of India are inherently weak and sensitive towards many aspects and the politicians knowing the fact may use the gun of religion to shoot them for their own well-being.

A politician is a ‘leader’ a ‘representative’ of the society, represents the whole society and not a single religion. Every citizen are his followers and not only a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh.  So both politics and politicians cannot be biased towards a particular community. Also Religion is about one’s personal beliefs and has got to do nothing with how to run the country and how the economy can be uplifted. In fact religious attitude opposes democratic feelings, keeping them both apart can retain the democratic set-up of the society.

If you take a close look, the fact is that nowadays both Religion and politics are become a mere business and mixing them both together could give birth to a huge problem that can swallow the peace, harmony and social beliefs of the people of our country. The only way to solve this puzzle of is by increasing Literacy and awareness among the people as it is the only weapon against religion based politics.

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