Personal Dairies vs Social Media Profiles- Reading About People’s Life Has Changed


Dear Diary



Gone are the days when people had the habit of maintaining a personal dairy with list of things they did during the day, their likes and dislikes and their small little secrets and problems were locked inside the pages of their daily dairies. Now with the emergence of the INTERNET, social networking is become the in-thing for most of the people these days. Social media is the latest and the greatest way to interact and connect with people over national, cultural and religious boundaries.

Almost everyone from young to the old are a part of either one of the social media website be it Facebook or Twitter and many more. With the fast growing society, there always a need felt among people to socialize and keep themselves updated. There is a fact that we people are more obsessed with our social media profiles than our personal diaries, at point we may not even hesitate to give away our personal dairies but our Facebook or Twitter profiles are very dear to us. We treasure it even more than our college assignments. All we do is uploading, every little thing that we do is put up as a post or you can say what’s on your mind with your emotions and a number of pictures. We are actually fascinated with social media and the appreciation we receive for our pictures through comments and likes. You may at a time forget eating food but without fail will regularly post status and pictures and let the world know each and everything that you do or have done.

It is because social media profiles are become an easy platform to find someone you may already know or make new friends. The moment we meet a new person, the first thing we do if find him or her online, send them a friend request and learn more details about them which are easily found in their personal details that includes their location, their natives, likes and dislikes, their pictures, relationship status and number of friends they have in their account. Just through a personal profile their entire details can be easily obtained.

I remember those days when people had personal diaries and would get mad when some even touched it or tired to peek in our so called ‘confidential diaries’. But now anything and everything is put up online and we almost get crazy when people do not read, comment or like them. This is the irony of our life; the thoughts are the same just the mediums have changed.

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Daisy Pais