Question Yourself: Is Competition Fatal?



Yes, we are in the 21st century now and with all the new enhancements, developments and improvements in various fields, we sure have one main aim to satisfy; no matter in what stream we are. And that is, to excel, grow and strive for the best. Human desires truly have no limits and success is an addiction which every being craves.

Results give rise to something which we all know today as “Competition”. Yes, in today’s world, this kind of a cut-throat competition might feel like being trapped in a catacomb with stress and pressure in every nook and cranny but does that stop us from improving ourselves?

Let’s take the example of the most common and commercialized population to describe the situation of competition. The Youth of course. The kind of peer and parental pressure that students face to achieve the top ranks in the society is just insane.

Yes, India has an exaggerated system of taking education and competition too very seriously. It is not something wrong except for the fact that exaggeration doesn’t always provide a positive effect.


Nevertheless, the thing that is necessary to realize is we know that even though we have come a long way in discarding of common stereotypes from our life, some issues would take more time to ease out, bend and become more flexible. We have to think practically in such cases. Society changes when we take a small step towards that change.

We often curse the system saying that competition will one day kill us. But we fail to realize  how much we are getting benefited from this competition that we face. Sounds odd, but when has human behavior made sense anyway?

The struggle for survival is not just a matter of what we do to achieve success in our future, its about surviving even after the struggle is over. We have to understand that competition is something preparing you for challenges a lot tougher than what you face now. If we succumb to this now, we will succumb to it always till we break down.

We have a huge population, it is obvious for have huge competition as well. They have a directly proportional relation to each other. But that should not get you scared of facing competition. People say that it is always about self improvement and your real competition is with yourself. A big “Oh Come On” for those people.


According to me, if you don’t know what you are dealing with, what kind of a situation you are in, what are your outside influences, no matter how better you become from your past self, you can’t match up to the others and when that happens, you so called renewed self improvement would eventually shatter to pieces!

Things, if handled with a beam balance always does the trick. hence, I believe you should focus on competition with yourself provided that you are well aware of your competitors. Let the outside competition influence your strategies and not you. That’s the true spirit of competition.

– Anwesha Rath

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Poonam Gandhi


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