In our life, we have plenty of things to do and very limited time at our disposal to do them. But still, we keep on postponing our work until the moment we are forced to do it. We replace high priority tasks with actions of lower priority which are easier and provide enjoyment. We do not realize the dangers of delaying when we decide to shirk the work. The fact is that, work does not disappear by deferring it. It has to be done sooner or later. Arrears of undone work go on mounting. Putting things off—big or small—is part of being human. If you are reading this article, however, it is likely that your procrastination is troubling you.

We have all had that feeling of panic; things that are due tomorrow and we haven’t even started yet. It may be submission of college assignments or submission of articles at work. Unfortunately, procrastination helps reinforce itself. But when an hour or a day passes, it would not come back. When work is delayed, the time which would have been profitably used is wasted.  There are number of proverbs conveying this similar meaning. Thus we say ‘Make hay while sun shines’,’ Time and tide wait for no man’. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.  Be it a student or an employed or a business baron, one has to plan one’s own work for die day and for die next day as well. We shall be saved from regrets, stress and tension and humiliation and able to make all round progress if we realize how dangerous delay is and how valuable time is.


One of the best ways to combat procrastination is to develop a more realistic understanding of time. Procrastinator’s views of time tend to be fairly unrealistic. We think we will cope up within the real time, but we don’t. Too often, we don’t even realize that we are procrastinating—until it’s too late. Once you better understand how you procrastinate, you will be better able to catch yourself doing it. As you explore why you procrastinate and experiment with strategies for working differently, don’t expect overnight transformation. You developed the procrastination habit over a long period of time; you aren’t going to stop magically. But you will see the change eventually.

Henceforth, avoid postponing die work. Plan and execute it on time-bound limit. Try doing it even though it might seem to be boring or tedious. Once you get used to it, upon completion of every job, you will feel the exhilaration. Be a master of time, or otherwise the time will quietly kill you.

– Tanvi Shah

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