Are you the one who likes to Gossip? Then you are reading a right article. People with a poor self- image love to gossip. Gossiping leads to waste of time. The conversations usually start with “you know what?” the best answer is NO I don’t want to know? While gossiping we believe that we are getting information or knowledge but it’s a myth.


Topics for Gossip are usually about other people or individual, it generally accompanies rumors about oneself. We may feel stress free after gossiping but it also has some ill effects as we become part of rumors, unwanted incidents and our secrets are shared during gossip. Females gossip a lot, it’s just a myth and not the truth. Men and women both gossip equally only the way of gossiping may vary.

Gossip is like a comparison that means if you can’t reach the level of your neighbor you start gossiping about his/her negatives, in order to pull him/her down. Gossiping starts poisoning our mind and we get surrounded by negativity created by us. Remember every one has faults including you and me it depends on us what we want to see. Gossiping stops your self- development and growth in your life. Gossiping influences your morale and confidence

Gossiping may let you lose your job at times. Grape vine is another name of gossiping in corporate world. A rumor is spread through gape wine that company turned bankrupt and after hear this you resign from your current company and join another company.

Later you come to know that your last company was earning huge profits and employees have received bonus along with promotions. This may make you feel regret about your decision. Daily soaps on television are nothing but a kind of gossip. These daily soaps are minting good profits and TRPs just because of gossip.

Gossiping is nothing but addiction; we want to know what is going on in others life rather than ours. If you really want to avoid Gossiping keep yourself busy, plan your day, develop new hobbies, and learn new skills. Will still love gossiping???

– Bhargesh Jain

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