Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, gets bigger by 12 additional gates (On 16th May, 2012) to the 195 already present & it improves the terminal functioning for International Travelling. The $1.4 billion terminal named Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal has opened more avenues to USA’s traditional network carriers. The development of this airport has increased Atlanta’s major growth development & has played a major role in the Import & Export which drives its economy through International Travel. $1 billion of the terminal costs is funded by the Atlanta Municipal bonds which will gradually be repaid by passenger fees whereas the remaining $400 million was spent by the Airlines operating from the terminal.


This terminal will prove very benefitial to Southwest, USA’s largest low-cost carrier, also more importantly as it completes its merger with Air Tran which operates from Atlanta, its major hub. Southwest never looked to commence with International Flights, though now they look at that aspect as they are entitled to fly on the routes of their merger company. This step has also withheld Atlanta’s share of travel as compared to other U.S airports. To operate one of U.S.A largest complexes is high cost but for the passengers to sustain the expenditure on this terminal also stands major moreover because of recent crisis. Yet, routes to Asia and Latin America are sure to boost trade and improve growth revenue in this part of the world.

      In the competitive aviation sector of Atlanta, the new terminal will have to gain the trust of new airlines within themselves as new airlines or existing airlines are not sure to invest in new airline routes. This is majorly due to the weakening of the economy in the United States. The positive aspect of this has been recognized by Delta Airlines who has invested millions of dollars in Atlanta, even though it is not sure of its immediate pay off considering the challenges Tampa airport leaders faced in boosting International traffic. Tampa’s airport has launched a improvement project at its terminal which will handle 3 wide body jets simultaneously worth $27.6 million.

The Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal has a very unique & new architectural design which includes its dramatic departure from the boxy. The new terminal has a second entrance which symbolizes the “New Front Door” to international travel aims to make commuting of International passengers in a very efficient manner as this airport has 92 million passengers (252,000 passengers daily) and 923,991 flights. (Statistics as of 2011). The 12 international gates will make way for  other airport gates for domestic traffic .All the airport’s international flights will be operating at 40 gates whereas the 12 new gates in Concourse F and the existing 28-gate Concourse E, both of which will use the new international terminal’s entrance.

The 1.2-million-square-foot terminal has soaring glass windows that give passengers view of the airfield even at check-in counters & they can watch takeoffs and landings as counter agents process their reservations. The terminal flaunts Public artworks more than $5million which is due to the City ordinance requiring that 1% the new terminal’s construction money be spent on public art. Another aspect which is delightful for fliers on his terminal is that Atlanta bound passengers are given the liberty to “re-check” their checked luggage after it has been cleared by the customs & immigration.




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