Nirbhaya case


 ‘NIRBHAYA’ means fearless was the name given to that extraordinary girl Jyothi who gave up her life fighting in hospital. NIRBHAYS’s vision was to do nothing less than CHANGE THE WORLD by ending the silence on sexual violence and creating a fear free society where women can have their freedom to live in their own society.

Ever since the death of that innocent girl, nothing has been changed.  Statics shows that Nirbhaya case has still not changed the mentality of people, in fact the rates at which rapes are committed are become more horrifying and heartbreaking.  

Is the society free for women; are the women safe in our country? The answer to this will be a big ‘NO’.  A woman has to spend each moment of her life with fear, fear of living within her society and on the other hand facing the entire world full of men waiting to haunt her down.  When she steps out of the house there are various eyes around questioning her about her identity and character while others luring her body with their dirty eyes. Every second women is been physically abused and harassed either at home or at her work place, even in public transports and on roads, be it openly and secretly she is treated as an object that is touched, harassed, forced, and beaten and then ultimately put down to death or is forced to end her life.

Yet nobody seems to pay any attention to the brutality done to her in every way where ever she goes. Rape is become a common thing in our country. It is become just a matter of a crime where people cry over it for a couple of days and is then ignored as if nothing has happened. Nobody bothers to think about the girl who went through all of this torture or her family who tries their best to cover their daughter’s wounds.  Day after day the situation is getting over more worse, where one or two girls were harassed there now thousands of girls are abused. It’s a matter of shame of the entire nation and to the entire mankind, the people and their substandard mind has still not seemed to change. Even though a lot of amendments are made for the safety and security of women, is it of any use when the people itself never seem to change.

How many more Nirbhaya’s still have to give up their live is a question asked today and will be continue to be a question until the society starts taking up some initiative against the wrong done to women. We as a society fail be accept and see that every women is someone’s sister, daughter, mother and even someone wife. India is a religious country worshiping women ideals, and girls are considered as a “Laxami”. Whether it’s a just a matter of words or do we really mean it?


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