My Opinion On How We Can Effectively Use Resources, Capital And Information For The Betterment Of The Society


Our society is now fully modernized and updated. Now a days, we see that every human being is using the technology wisely and all are making it use of it. From a rickshaw wala to a business class person everyone uses a mobile phone, children at home now demand for mobile phones at a very earlier stage. All this is because of the updated technology and the popularity of the device.

The natural resources found over the earth are of immense importance. It basically forms a raw material for industries to be set-up. Fertile soils, thick forest cover, abundant fish life in seas, metallic mineral ores of high grade, etc. are quite important in the overall development of a region .The large quantity and best quality of resources, both are equally useful. Their locations with reference to sea –routes and railways also are significant as such factors decide the economic feasibility of the resource exploitation.

If the natural resources are to be tapped or exploited and to be used as raw materials for further processing, the detailed surveys are carried out. Only the occurrence does not help. Accessibility of the natural resource is a prime consideration in the commercial exploitation of resources .the remotely located resource may not be exploited even though the quality is high.

As a proposal of economic democracy generally economists argue that modern capitalism periodically results in economic crisis characterized by deficiency of effective demand, as society is unable to earn enough income to purchase its output production. Corporate monopoly of common resources typically creates artificial scarcity, resulting in socio-economic imbalances that restrict workers from access to economic opportunity and diminish consumer purchasing power. Economic democracy has been proposed as a component of larger socioeconomic ideologies, as a stand-alone theory, and as a variety of reform agendas. For example, as a means to securing full economic rights, it opens a path to full political rights, defined as including the former. Both market and non-market theories of economic democracy have been proposed. As a reform agenda, supporting theories and real-world examples range from decentralization and economic liberalization to democracy.

Everyone in the investment world knows this. One should choose your level of risk and create a diversify their portfolio of assets—stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. that matches that tolerance. If you’re young and trying to save for retirement or your kid’s college fund, you should put more of your money in stocks than bonds; if you’re old and looking for stability, keep more in less unstable assets. Finally, you’ve got to keep everything balanced. For example –If you put 80 percent of your money in stocks and 20 percent in bonds, then by the end of the year, if stocks grow faster than bonds, your stock position might have grown to 85 percent. To keep things in balance, you’ve got to sell some of your stocks and buy some more bondistic cooperatives, public banking, fair trade, and the regionalization of food production and currency.

Information in society we get by every person we meet as when we communicate with them, they share some knowledge and we do the same so he gets our knowledge and we get his knowledge but the point is do we make use of that information which we get? The answer is rarely. Which is not good at all, we should make effective use of the information which we get and we should apply that knowledge where ever we can and where ever it Is needed.

In our nation, we have no shortage of capital but we are in deficit because of some corrupt politicians and big rich people but it seems that our new government will take this nation to good position as we say “aache din aane wale hai”. But we just say we don’t stick to it, like when we say it we should start thinking that how nicely and smartly we can use our resources and capital. We cannot think to a large level of nation but we can surely think about ourselves, our family and manage it. If every individual start doing this I think all will become independent and like now won’t be dependent on anyone for betterment and can make a difference in society and show to people that “one man can make a difference”. We all need to understand our societies problem like short of resources and capital and we should try to solve it, we are the youth of this society so we should wake up from our beds and start working for a good cause and start solving problems of our society and make it a problem free society and be proud to say that we were people who made the difference and are part of it.

As our society is so modernized we should make a good use of it, like now if we want anything at home we can order it online by doing this we are saving our time and money and are making good use of our resources. But using mobile phones at a very high extent is also very harmful to health as we all know and get information about the radiations from the mobile phones and the harm they do to our body and surroundings. Also by using other services provided like internet we make our profit by saving money and time but we also make loss for the retailers who are sitting in their shops in hopes they will make profits as our whole society is so modern they also will have to make a website and start their business there too otherwise they need to shut their outlets.

As we just saw that every resource has an advantage and an disadvantage but we now have to make use of it smartly and will have to make people aware that we have to try our best to make the best use of the resource in a positive way so that it doesn’t harm the society so much but should benefit it. By doing this we can bring a change in our society in our nation.






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Vanita Godwani
Hello, Vanita Godwani, a fybms student of Jaihind College, hobbies are drawing and helping needy people.I loved being a social media correspondent at .I am interested in pursuing by post graduation and later work in a multinational company being a honest and good high post official


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