List of Business Ethics Questions for November 2014 Exams

concepts….(atleast 1 page)
1. ethics
2. morality
3. altrusim
4. egoism
5. business ethics
6. right &duty
7. code of conduct
8. enterpernur
9. purusharthas marketing
11. sexual & rascial harrasement
12.ILO( international labour orgn)
14. plagarism
15. pishing crime
16. E-commerece
17. green inititaives
18. environmental audit
19. corporate goverance
20. CSR
21.whistle blowing
22.insider trading cost
27.audit commitee
28.remuneration company
29.shareholdres company
31.triple bottom line
32.shareholders commitee
33. sustible development
34. health safety & secuirty
35. exploitation
36. NGO marketing
38.child labour
39.personal ethics
40.professional ethics
brief (3 & half page)
  1. what is ethics? expalin the importacnce of ethics
  2. expalin the theories of ethics
  3. distingish btwn egoism & altruism
  4. distingh btwn ethics & morality
  5. “———–”        ethics & law
  6. short note on ethical orgn.intro, principals of ethical orgn)
  7. expailn in brief corporate code of conduct ( meaning, & advantges)
  8. what are the measures to improve ethical code of conduct (5 points for orgn level, govt level, nd 5 points society level)
  9. distigh btwn denonotolaogical & telelcogical ethics
  10. what is business ethics ? wxplain the importance of business ethics
  11. xplain the scope  of business ethics
  12. state the relation ship btwn business & ethics( 3 views)
  13. distihush btwn enterpenur & managers
  14. short note on purusharatha
  15. brief note dharama
  16. brief note on artha
  17. breif note kama
  18. brief note moksha
  19. what is global marketing? what are the ethical issues in global marketing
  20. what are the guidelines for ethical global marketing
  21. what is ethics in advertsing? what are its ethical issues
  22. what are guidelines for ethical orgn
  23. what is ethics in employmenty> what are its ethical issues
  24. guidelines for ethical employment
  25. short note on ILO
  26. what are the ethical issues in IT
  27. write a brief note about IT ACT 2000
  28. what are environmental ethics? what are the ethical issues relating to environment
  29. remedies to overcome environmental degradation
  30. brief note about environmental issues in india
  31. distingh btwn indian culture & western culture
  32. define corporate goverance. explain its features
  33. what is corporte goverance explain its objectives/need/ importance of CG
  34. issues in CG
  35. various mechansims of corporate goverance
  36. what are the principles of good corporate goverance
  37. xplain in short about agency theory (meaning,digram,one example,agency problmes, mechansim for solving it)
  38. report on cadbury committee
  39. report on kumar managlam birla committee
  40. short note on about organsiation for eceonomic corporation & development (OECD)
  41. report on narayan murthy committee
  42. what are the rights of investors & stakeholders (14 points)
  43. who is CEO ?what are its role
  44. who is chairman? what are iits role
  45. who is BOD? its role
  46. what are the various disclosure as per the companis act 1956
  47. what are the various disclourse as per clause 49 of listing agreement
  48. short note on BOD committee
  49. short note on audit commitee
  50. what is CSR? what are its different approaches
  51. what is the different levels at which company undertake CSR responsibilties
  52. scope of CSR
  53. argumnets in favour of CSR
  54. ARGUMENTS aganist CSR
  55. brief note about the stakeholdertheory (meaning , diagramof stakeholders internal stakeholder=external stakeholder resonsibility , 3 points for each resopnsibility)
  56. rite a short nte on TBL (triple bottom  line)( meaning, xpalin 3P’S)
  58. arguments against TBL
  59. what is sustitsable development? xpalin its relationship btwn CSR & sustisble (meaning & define of CSR, 3 pillars of sustible devlopment)
  60. short note on susitable reporting
  61. what is comptency society? xpalin its social issues
  62. what are the importamnce of CSR  is comptency society( same ans. as of agrumnets in favour of CSR)
  63. what is csr within the oraganisaton?measurs to be taken for employee safety
  64. measures to prevent workplace harrassement
  65. what are the role of NGO in CSR
  66. what are the roles & responsiblity of local community towards business.


Source : Anwesh


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