Ah! The minute anyone takes the name ‘Pakistan’ the first thought that comes to our mind is that it’s a different nation. Well the meaning of different nation is not same as other nations. Like USA too, is a different nation but it is approached differently! As in USA is regarded as a developed country and Pakistan an underdeveloped one well this may be true but the reason it’s looked upon differently is because human beings in India have developed a mentality of blaming Pakistan when anything goes wrong.

This is not because we know the whole truth behind whatever happens but because we think because they had parted ways during independence and now after so many years we are successful than them they’re the ones who cannot see India successful! We often study in history that the decision of forming two nations from one at that time was taken mutually and the main reason behind it was that atleast after independence everyone citizen of the country stays happy and leads a peaceful life.

But as we know every now and then we hear in the news about happenings in the country which may be harmful or sometimes even threat full to the people. But who are we to decide who has done it? Or who must have done it? Why do we have the habit of summarizing the whole story and cutting it short by blaming our neighboring nation?  It is very easy to declare who is at fault but very difficult to digest. In simple words does this blame game benefits anybody? We keep blaming each other even without knowing the complete truth and keep wasting our own time.

But have we ever thought whether this was the reason for which partition took place? Of course not, rather it was for the peaceful life of everyone. But nowadays people come to a solution even before looking and understanding the problem particularly. We should start thinking differently and not jump to any solution if anything wrong takes place and strive to change our thinking patterns!


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