In this modern world of 21st century, science has blessed us with a number of advanced gadgets and technologies   one among them is – MOBILE PHONES.


Communication is one of the most vital things, which has to do for smooth functioning of any activities. In Olden days before the inventions of telephones, they use letters to communicate to people and make use of birds to send the letters. With the invention of telephone, people talk and communicate to long distances. With the introduction or invention of mobile phone, the entire thought of communication is completely changed. It made the people in the world come closer. Earlier mobile phone was a luxury product, which is used, by professionals and high-class peoples and now it is a necessity. Every one right from the house cleaner, rickshaw puller, taxi drivers, office boys etc., from a common person to the high class, people are using mobile phones for communication

Almost all the inventions of science prove helpful to humankind with some exceptions. So what about mobile phone is it boon or bane?

It is boon because of the following reasons:-


  • Creates ease in communication ( communication between agents and customers, mother and child, boss and worker, long distant relatives or friends, during emergencies)
  • Helps in listening to music or fm radio ( through saved songs or from radio )
  • Can use internet ( pocket internet that is access able anywhere at any time)
  • Can watch videos ( saved videos or through internet)
  • Can Send SMS ( instant text messages in case of emergencies or during meetings)
  • Can send money ( E- money )
  • Can Use navigator or locator ( in case of emergencies during trekking or picnic)
  • Can play games  ( when we are bored can play games)
  • Can store contact numbers ( no need to maintain separate diary as it has memory to save contact no’s and details)
  • Can keep reminders for our schedule ( alarms or reminder to remind about particular events or important dates )
  • Can use in getting alerts or news. ( important news or alert messages to keep us up to date)

It is bane because of the following reasons:-

  • Creates hearing problems if used for a long time
  • Long radiations can cause tumors and cancers
  • Genetic mutations occurs due to the electro-magnetic waves
  • The electro-magnetic waves may also affect future generations to come with some form of deformities.
  • Constant exposure to mobiles causes heart, lungs, and kidney related problems
  • The heat that is generated from the mobiles is also not good for health
  • Makes the children addicted

Mobile is a necessity and has to use, but addiction to mobiles can destroy our human life. . However, it can be said as a coin having two sides of boon as well as bane.!!!

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