These days you may hear a lot about the people talking about working that, to achieve success you have to work smart or some say to work hard. Whatever may be the type of work; to attend to next level of success work is important. People mostly just are confuse by thinking, whether to work hard or smart to achieve or attain your goals, success or objectives. At such point of time, we should just think about our situation, aims, or desired goals. In addition, which type of work will assist in achieving the same?


It is quite difficult to answer exactly which works pays off. As it does not have any definite answer. The reason behind this is both hard work and smart work pays off in their place. Only the thing is selection of appropriate kind of work to complete specific problem. Each one of them has their importance in their own place.

Hard work is a process in which person constantly work hard to achieve the desired goal. It is just like a student who is blindly by hearting the syllabus before exams. However, it does not mean that the student is not benefiting from that, he scores well in exam because of his hard work he has done i.e. by hearting the syllabus.

Smart work is the process of systematic planning and working accordingly in order to achieve desired goals. Comparing with the example of hard working student above, smart working student does not sit and by heart the whole syllabus; instead, he just read or refers the chapters or syllabus, tries to understand it and then delivers it in his own words in the examination. Which helps the student in saving his time, avoiding complexity of by hearting the syllabus, tension of forgetting the answers by hearted, and many such problems in addition, it provides the same result as the hard working student gets.

There is no reason for any person to do hard work, when he can achieve his goals in lesser time with the use of brain. Thus, we can rightly say that, hard work alone is not a key to success anymore. Smart work depends totally on three factors namely intelligence, opportunity as well as luck or fortune. So can definitely chose smart working method if you have the time and equal opportunity to do so. If not then the person should choose hard working method to change the opportunities and fortune or luck to favor him, which has to provide him with the desired result.

You need to work hard as well as smart. In short, hard work and smart work has to go hand by hand in order to achieve success or desired goals.


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